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PU Plast clear

Pu Plast is a two component polyurethane-based
adhesive, that cures at room temperature.
Ideal for bonding a wide range of thermoplastic
materials, thermosetting plastics, steel, aluminum,
concrete, wood, glass. The product can be overpainted and excellent results can be obtain if used with plasters for plastic materials as our NOVA BLACK MAGIC.

  • Two component polyurethane-based adhesive
  • It cures at room temperature
  • Bonding of a wide range of thermoplastic materials,  thermosetting plastics, steel, aluminium, concrete, wood and glass.
  • It can be overpainted.
  • Excellent results if used in combination with plasters for plastic materials, for example “NOVA BLACK MAGIC”.  

Base : Polyurethane
Volume mixing ratio: 1:1
Weight mixing ratio: 0,89:1
Colour : colorless
Aspect : Thixotropic
Viscosity: 50.000 mPas
Relative density : 1,12
Temperature resistance  : -37° /+ 100°C
Application temperature : +10°/+30°C.
Flammability : > 200°C.
Water solubility : insoluble
Traction resistance: 22N/mm2
Elongation at break: 15%

Hardness: shore 75D
Resistivity: 1,2x10^12 Ohm xcm

Open time:           5 minutes / 1 minute
Setting time:       15 minutes / 5 minutes
Final catalysis:      8 hours / 4 hours


  • Ideal for repairing plastic accessories, for example bumpers, masks, headlights, door panels, fairings motorcycle, scooter .... 
  • It adheres to the most of the plastic materials except PP,PE,PTFE. In order to improve the adhesion it is possible to use PU PLAST with some specific primers for plastic materials, for example our “Primer 903” and “Fix Primer”.
  • Advice: in order to obtain a good result it is necessary to prepare the surface using medium grit sandpaper to roughening and cleaning it with a cleaner, for example our “MULTIFOAM”.