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Surface protection and -treatment

Surface finishing involves cleaning surfaces which have become unsightly, rusty or otherwise aged or worn as a result of external factors, and restoring them as far as possible to their original condition.
Afterwards, the best course of action is to protect the treated surface immediately against renewed dirt, damage or ageing. Performing the two steps in one saves you both time and money. Many TECH-MASTERS products have added features that make their job easier.

Find out here about our surface finishing and protection products.

Alu 1000

ALU 100 gives metal surfaces cathodic rust protection and allows simple, quick and economical applications. After only one time spraying, a protective coating of 99.5 % pure aluminium is formed. The fine aluminium particles deposit on the base material and firmly adhere to it, due to synthetic r...

Anti Spat

ANTI SPAT is a water-based anti-adhesion agent for welding spatters. ANTI SPAT contains no silicones or solvents, is fire-proof, odourless and biologically degradable. Due to its high content of surface active substances, ANTI SPAT is very economical in use. ANTI SPAT contains corrosion inhibitors...

Cable Protector

CABLE PROTECTOR is universally useable: in the automotive, heavy duty, maintenance and construction industries. CABLE PROTECTOR contains extra corrosion- resistant additives for the engine block, transmission parts and suspension. CABLE PROTECTOR has a very long working life, only applying twi...


CAFFECALC is a balanced combination of phos- phoric and citric acid which can easily remove any contamination of limestone; it does not contain hazardous volatile acids such as hydrochloric acid and therefore has limited emission of fumes. It is a safe product that does not attack steel, copper,...

Easy Weld Primer

EASY-WELD PRIMER is a synthetic polyvinyl rust inhibitor primer. EASY-WELD PRIMER has been developed in order to protect steel against corrosion for car body and fabrication purposes, without interfering with the weldability and structure of a standard paint system. EASY-WELD PRIMER can be applied...


EDGE-GUARD is the ideal edging material for metal, wood, glass and certain plastics. The extruded strip is pre-coated internally with a heat-sensitive adhesive, and is easily applied to external or internal radii as well as straight edges. When cool, EDGE-GUARD is bonded permanently to the edge to...

Inducare Dry Clean

INDUCARE DRY CLEAN is a product that cleans, polishes and protects in one single application, without water. INDUCARE DRY CLEAN is very safe to use and does not scratch treated surfaces.


INOX-PRO cleans, embellishes and protects in 1 action. INOX-PRO protects and cleans matt or polished metal surfaces, like Inox, aluminium, chromium, non-ferrous metals, ... INOX-PRO leaves an antistatic layer and prevents dirt from sticking to the surface. INOX-PRO can also be used for the treatm...


KOPERSPRAY is a weather resistant metal spray to protect the most different materials. It is an acrylic resin in combination with a high percentage of copper pigments, easy to apply. KOPERSPRAY has a good adhesion on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. After curing, this flexible and durable laye...

Metal Shine

METAL SHINE is a compilation of water and natural waxes. METAL SHINE has the 3 following qualities: ➀ light cleaning ➁ highly protective against moisture, salts, oxidation, lime scale, etc. ➂ high gloss effect on rust free metals, lacquers, varnish, chromium, inox, aluminium, copper and brass, t...


Rust is a complex molecular combination of unstable iron oxides and hydroxides with a strong hygroscopic character. When removing rust superficially, small rust particles will often remain in the pores of the surface, which will spontaneously reactivate the corrosion process after a while. In order ...

Nano Care Textile

NANO CARE TEXTILE is developed to prevent stains from adhering to the treated fabrics. The product gives an invisible, yet very efficient protection by wrapping the fibres in a molecular, intelligent protection.

Nanocare Protect

NANOCARE PROTECT prevents the infiltration of dirt and moisture into porous materials and textiles. NANOCARE PROTECT protects against frost, slows discolouration due to UV radiation and works against moss and mould formation. NANOCARE PROTECT improves thermal insulation by 30% and makes woven fa...

Nova Finish Primer

NOVA FINISH PRIMER is a fine primer specially developed to lacquer it with the newest water- based lacquers afterwards. NOVA FINISH PRIMER combines elastisator and adhesive capacities with rust-proof elements. Thanks to NOVA FINISH PRIMER you do not have to throw away paints residues anymore and cl...

Nova Power Paint

NOVA POWER PAINT double the coverage of other acrylic paints. Superfast drying - dust dry after 5 min. at 20°C. NOVA POWER PAINT is suitable for most synthetic surfaces - no primer needed. Unique adhesion. Added softening agent ensures permanent flexibility.

Nova Zinc

NOVA ZINC is a new scientific composition of pure zinc powder (99%), resins and other components. Applied to ferrous metals and aluminium it forms a tough but flexible zinc metal film, which by electrochemical action offers excellent protection against corrosion, even when the coating is scratched o...

Novablack Magic

NOVABLACK MAGIC has been formulated especially for the professional and combines high flexibility and exceptional adhesion with simple use. NOVABLACK MAGIC is a quickly hardening finish filler that fills up unevennesses and gets rid of scratches in both metal and synthetic surfaces. NOVABLACK MAGI...

Novafill Flex

NOVAFILL FLEX is a new generation finish filler, that fulfi ls the function of primer, as well as undercoat, as well as filler. NOVAFILL FLEX has an exceptional adhesion on metals, synthetic materials and sprayed surfaces. NOVAFILL FLEX is an ideal precision finish of other fillers. With its h...

Novafill Flex 2

NOVAFILL FLEX 2 is the strong filling and covering version of Novafill Flex and is specially developed to lacquer it with the newest water-based lacquers afterwards. NOVAFILL FLEX 2 has in spite of its very good filling capacity a very high flexibility. Thanks to NOVAFILL FLEX 2 you do not hav...

Novaleak Foam

NOVALEAK FOAM detects all kinds of air and gas leaks in a few seconds. NOVALEAK FOAM has a good adhesion to hoses and tubes. Thanks to its design NOVALEAK FOAM is easy to use in small places. NOVALEAK FOAM is a reliable and safe leak detector. NOVALEAK FOAM is non-corrosive, nor toxic and does...

Novalu 100

NOVALU 100 gives metal surfaces cathodic rust protection and allows simple, quick and economical application. After spraying only once, a protective coating of 99,5% pure aluminium is formed. The fine aluminium particles deposit on the base material and firmly adhere to it, due to synthetic resin a...


NOVASIM has a threefold action: it cleans, protects and adds luster to synthetic parts. It reconditions synthetic materials and rubber. NOVASIM offers an impenetrable, transparent and flexible protection against moisture, weathering and dirt deposits.

Primer 903

PRIMER 903 has been developed for use during repairs and gluing all non fibre filled plastics with 2 component polyurethane systems. PRIMER 903 can be used with plastic components where the specific gravity is lighter than water. Never use PRIMER 903 on metals or fibre-filled plastics.


SHINE-X is an odourless multifunctional product for metal surfaces, designed to restore the original luster and shine to most metal surfaces. SHINE-X maintains, protects and lubricates and is usable as antiseize. Its consistency allows clinging to vertical surfaces. SHINE-X is made of 100 % foo...


SKINCOAT forms a dry, manageable, homogeneous and well-adhesive wax protection film against corrosion, rust or other surface oxidation. SKINCOAT is durable resistant to water, salts and weather influences and is temperature resistant till 90°C. SKINCOAT penetrates to the smallest seams, splits, cr...

Slide Pro

SLIDE PRO is a sliding varnish based on poly- tetrafluor ethylene (PTFE) with thermoplastic properties. For the treatment of surfaces sub- jected to extreme frictions. SLIDE PRO is appli- cable under conditions where silicone products not acceptable and high temperature or pressure performance...

Slip Stop

SLIP STOP has been specially designed to reduce slipping by drive belts in both automotive/HD and industrial installations. SLIP STOP is ideal for use in moist environments and is even resistant to saltwater. SLIP STOP offers excellent adhesion and produces an immediate result. SLIP STOP increase...


SPOTREPAIR is perfect for overlapping wet areas after using Novaclear Coat. SPOTREPAIR has excellent thinning properties to let old and new varnish flow freely together. SPOTREPAIR facilitates polishing. SPOTREPAIR is essential for good results and saves time.

Super Powder

SUPER POWDER is developed for binding and absorbing of different kind of contaminations. This includes all fluids of organic, non organic, synthetic or natural origin. As fuels, Diesel, gasoline, oil, lubricants, Hydraulic oil, waste oil, solvent, antifreeze liquids, acids and bases (with except...


Automatic heat generation to over 50° C accelerates the effectiveness, while the pellets can melt the snow or ice. Due to the unique shape of the pellets they remain lying also on inclined surfaces. TECH-NO-ICE works extremely fast at temperatures to –50° C. TECH-NO-ICE is hygroscopic, that m...

Techno Finisher

TECHNO FINISHER is a glossy, UV-resistant, fast-drying clear coat that can be applied universally to all existing base coats (solvent-based). Because of its very good flow and ease of polish, TECHNO FINISHER is highly suitable for spot repairs with solvent-based paint...

Techno Finisher 2K

TECHNO FINISHER 2K is a high-gloss, extremely scratch-resistant 2-component clear coat with very high resistance to petrol, UV rays and weathering. Due to its quick drying time, very good flow and easy polishing, TECHNO FINISHER 2 K is ideal for protection of different kind of surfaces: iron, S...

Techno Primer

TECHNO PRIMER has been developed especially developed to improve adhesion on difficult materials such as synthetic materials based on PP or PPE. TECHNO PRIMER is used optimally in the automotive sector, for example for the adhesion promoter on bumpers and plastic parts for the application of paint...

Techno Zinc

Techno Zinc is a spray product developed in order to make professional works on surfaces and expecially zinccoated surfaces by electrochemical action or hot galvanising process. Thanks to Tecno Zinc you will be able to protect all kinds of surfaces, big and small, and big‐sized structures.

Tire Renewer

TIRE RENEWER has been specially developed to feed and protect new and used tyres. TIRE RENEWER is highly water repellent and protects rubber tyres against discolouring, tears and staining. TIRE RENEWER renews rubbers thanks to its pure, colourless quality resin. TIRE RENEWER does not contain any ...

Weld Wipes

WELD WIPES are soaked in pickling solution for stainless steel specification. It is ready to use. WELD WIPES are especially suitable for pickling TIG / MIG / electrode austenitic stainless steel welds. After use, the clean area should be treated with the WELD NEUTRO, in order to neut...

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