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The automotive industry places the most varied demands on the required products: thorough cleaning, lubricating properties, paint removal, insulation or sealing are just some of them. But with TECH-MASTERS you are guaranteed to find something!

The removal of paint residues, lubricants, liquids and other substances requires special cleaning agents and procedures. With innovative and versatile solutions, TECH-MASTERS quickly, safely and thoroughly removes debris, cleans surfaces, tools, and mechanical parts for a long life and perfect results without damaging synthetic materials or paint.

In the repair and maintenance of passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well as motorcycles, it is necessary to deal with a wide variety of materials and thus also with the most diverse types of pollution. TECH-MASTERS large product range includes everything from safe and fast universal solvent to professional hand washing paste, from the strong sealant to galvanic metal protection and heat protection gel which is used in welding and soldering. Self-vulcanizing tapes for sealing, insulating and protecting against moisture and corrosion - also ideal for hard to reach places - are indispensable in every workshop.

Universal cleaning with power

In paint repairs and work it often comes to persistent dirt in the car workshop. Something can always go wrong, even when replacing fluids such as gear and engine oils as well as brake and coolant fluids.
The fast, thorough and safe degreasing and cleaning of mechanical parts such as engines, brakes and suspensions is commonplace in every car workshop. Synthetic materials and paint must not be damaged. Here special solvents from TECH-MASTERS are used. These are universally applicable. The removal of adhesive residues from stickers and tapes or the removal of tar and stains from other coatings is also no problem for TECH-MASTERS products. Before, among other things, door hinges are re-lubricated, or a pre-painted or primed substrate is repainted, universal cleaners take care of old layers of grease without attacking the paint. The removal of decorative and bumper strips is effortless and done without damage.

Powerful and protective

Machines and tools that are used daily in a car workshop need care. Service life is increased only with the right cleaning agents and their regular use. Thus, the cleaning agents from TECH-MASTERS provide not only the perfect clean but also the ideal protection.


Heat protection instead of heat damage

Special care is required, for example, when welding metal body parts. Due to the heat generated during this process, attention must be paid to the deformation of surfaces and materials such as plastic, rubber and gaskets. Here, too, TECH-MASTERS has a suitable solution. Heat protection, material protection, protection against discolouration and easy handling at the same time - all these properties can only be found in our products.

Revolutionary solutions for hard to reach places

In order to connect and insulate flexible cable hoses in the vehicle, tapes are indispensable in every car workshop. In addition to improving water resistance, the TECH-MASTERS tapes also avoid vibrations in cockpits in motor vehicles and are ideal for use even in hard-to-reach places. There is often not much room for repairing and servicing motor vehicles. Bonding and waterproofing, even on wet surfaces, is done quickly with Tech-Masters products. TECH-MASTERS also has special solutions for this. Just ask our sales representatives!

Professional and skin-friendly cleaning

The work can also be read on the hands after a long day in the workshop. With a strong hand cleaner from TECH-MASTERS, however, the traces of oil and other residues can be quickly and easily removed, without drying out the skin. Creamy, mild and with a pleasant fragrance, our products remove even stubborn dirt on the skin.


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