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The automotive industry places the most varied demands on the required products: thorough cleaning, lubricating properties, paint removal, insulation or sealing are just some of them. But with TECH-MASTERS you are guaranteed to find something!

The removal of paint residues, lubricants, liquids and other substances requires special cleaning agents and procedures. With innovative and versatile solutions, TECH-MASTERS quickly, safely and thoroughly removes debris, cleans surfaces, tools, and mechanical parts for a long life and perfect results without damaging synthetic materials or paint.

In the repair and maintenance of passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well as motorcycles, it is necessary to deal with a wide variety of materials and thus also with the most diverse types of pollution. TECH-MASTERS large product range includes everything from safe and fast universal solvent to professional hand washing paste, from the strong sealant to galvanic metal protection and heat protection gel which is used in welding and soldering. Self-vulcanizing tapes for sealing, insulating and protecting against moisture and corrosion - also ideal for hard to reach places - are indispensable in every workshop.

Universal cleaning with power

In paint repairs and work it often comes to persistent dirt in the car workshop. Something can always go wrong, even when replacing fluids such as gear and engine oils as well as brake and coolant fluids.
The fast, thorough and safe degreasing and cleaning of mechanical parts such as engines, brakes and suspensions is commonplace in every car workshop. Synthetic materials and paint must not be damaged. Here special solvents from TECH-MASTERS are used. These are universally applicable. The removal of adhesive residues from stickers and tapes or the removal of tar and stains from other coatings is also no problem for TECH-MASTERS products. Before, among other things, door hinges are re-lubricated, or a pre-painted or primed substrate is repainted, universal cleaners take care of old layers of grease without attacking the paint. The removal of decorative and bumper strips is effortless and done without damage.

Powerful and protective

Machines and tools that are used daily in a car workshop need care. Service life is increased only with the right cleaning agents and their regular use. Thus, the cleaning agents from TECH-MASTERS provide not only the perfect clean but also the ideal protection.


Heat protection instead of heat damage

Special care is required, for example, when welding metal body parts. Due to the heat generated during this process, attention must be paid to the deformation of surfaces and materials such as plastic, rubber and gaskets. Here, too, TECH-MASTERS has a suitable solution. Heat protection, material protection, protection against discolouration and easy handling at the same time - all these properties can only be found in our products.

Revolutionary solutions for hard to reach places

In order to connect and insulate flexible cable hoses in the vehicle, tapes are indispensable in every car workshop. In addition to improving water resistance, the TECH-MASTERS tapes also avoid vibrations in cockpits in motor vehicles and are ideal for use even in hard-to-reach places. There is often not much room for repairing and servicing motor vehicles. Bonding and waterproofing, even on wet surfaces, is done quickly with Tech-Masters products. TECH-MASTERS also has special solutions for this. Just ask our sales representatives!

Professional and skin-friendly cleaning

The work can also be read on the hands after a long day in the workshop. With a strong hand cleaner from TECH-MASTERS, however, the traces of oil and other residues can be quickly and easily removed, without drying out the skin. Creamy, mild and with a pleasant fragrance, our products remove even stubborn dirt on the skin.


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Air Spray

AIRSPRAY is a unique and universal high pressure system in aerosol packing. Pure and dry air with a liquid propellant. AIRSPRAY can be used as cooler and also as cleaner and dryer. Portable flexibility in one, easy to use. Turning the can upside down, AIRSPRAY can be used as a freezing spray.

Bio Clean Gel

BIO CLEAN GEL is viskous-, phosphate-free and water based intensive cleaner for removing resinous oils and greases, pigment coatings and other residues. BIO CLEAN GEL is excellent dissolving performance already achieves optimal cleaning results at ambient temperature.

Clima Cleaner

CLIMA CLEANER is a spray disinfectant for mushrooms and bacteria. CLIMA CLEANER has been created to disinfect all types of materials, it removes mushrooms and bacteria in 5 minutes and prevents the forming. The effect of CLIMA CLEANER is immediate and remains for a long time. CLIMA CLEANER is...

Power Foam

PowerFoam is a universal, efficient foam spray to degrease and clean. PowerFoam is easy and fast to use. It is safe to use even on sensitive surfaces. PowerFoam contains no abrasives and has a pleasant odour. PowerFoam leaves no traces, smears or coloured marks on surf...

Techno Brake

TECHNO BRAKE is efficient and quick. It removes oily dirt and grease from surfaces like metal, glass, ceramic, textiles and most of synthetic material. TECHNO BRAKE, unlike traditional solvents, does not leave residues and needs just an application. In case of deep dirty, let TECHNO BRAKE work fo...

Techno Solv Eco

TECHNO SOLV ECO is a 100% chloride‐and aromatics‐free solvent. It meets requirements about the new regulations reguarding the safety in workplace. It is a plant compound which can be used safely to degrease, cleaning and remove oils, greases, waxes and inks. It leaves a pleasant odour after use. I...


Autoseal MS

AUTOSEAL MS is a sealant based on MS polymer with high adhesive power. AUTOSEAL MS can be applied both in thin and thicker layers: both can be refined with a brush, restoring the sealing in their original state.; it can be also sprayed. AUTOSEAL MS contains less than 7% of aliphatic solvents; it...

Autoseal MS 55 cordoni

AUTOSEAL MS 55 CORDONI is specially designed for the motor‐industry to restore the sealing and bonding in their original state. Protects against mechanical damages and damages by corrosion. Reduces the transference of sound in case of acoustic vibrations.

PU Plast

PU Plast is a two component polyurethane-based adhesive, that cures at room temperature. Ideal for bonding a wide range of thermoplastic materials, thermosetting plastics, steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, glass. The product can be overpainted and excellent results can be obtain if used with plas...

Seal Flex HT black/grey

Seal Flex HT red

Seal Flex HT translucent

Seal Tech 55

Super Repair MMA

Super Repair MMA is a two-component, 100% reactive, toughened structural meth- acrylate adhesive specifically formulated for bonding wide variety of metals, thermoplastics, thermosets, and composite assemblies.

Techno Repair

Techno Repair MM

Techno Screen MS

Trimfix WT

TRIMFIX WT is a high tech spray adhesive in aerosol, based on synthetic rubber. It stands out for its special web-technology (WT). Through the combination of the adhesive and the special spray nozzle it can be sprayed in a web-structure, which delivers very good results on rough surfaces. TRIMFIX W...


Keramic Spray/Paste




Care & Protect

CARE & PROTECT is a polish and cleaning spray for plastic and rubber parts in various areas. It renews the appreance of plastic parts such as dashboards, bumpers, spoilers, vinyl tops,... Especially in the automotive industry, CARE & PROTECT can convince by leaving the treated surfaces with ...

Fill Tech HD

FILL TECH HD is a sprayable Filler and Primer based on the lastest technology. FILL TECH HD is ideal to correct damaged surfaces such as sanding grooves and small stone-chip damages. FILL TECH HD can also be used to build up film thickness for extreme corrosion resistance.

Fill Tech HD 2K

Fill tech HD 2K is a new generation primer that makes the sanding easy; it is recommended for wide surfaces and spot repairs. Usable directly on metal (ferrous or not), sanded and degreased. It can be over-painted with the most of water based or solvent based paints. Fill Tech HD 2K is perfect o...

Nano Tech A

Nano Tech A is a temporary, alcohol-based coating material on the basis of chemical nano-technology, which produces an easy2clean effect on car windscreens. The applied material produces a thin film on the surfaces, which reduces the adhesion of dirt and foreign matters, and facilitates the dripping...

Putty HD

PUTTY HD is a versatile professional polyester putty for filling and fine filling at the same time. PUTTY HD is a 2-component putty and primer based on polyester, half-flexible, high reactive, polyester resin with different mineral, non-polluting filler material (asbestos and silicone free).

Putty HD Flex

PUTTY HD FLEX is a 2-component black polyester putty as a mixture of a highly elastic, amino-pre-accelerated polyester resin with different mineral, environment-friendly fillers. To fill scratches and damages and to after treat bonded plastic parts. Through its thixotropy and softness, profiles...

Techno Body

TECHNO BODY is a varnish developed in order to meet the needs of repairmen who work in Automotive. Techno Body can be applied on internal parts of cars and industrial vehicle like hood, bumpers, spoilers, ecc ... TECHNO BODY allows you to replace other undercoats and primers thanks to its 4 col...

Techno Bumper

TECHNO BUMPER is a product based on acrylic resins and special rheological additives. This product can be used for touching up structured plastic bumpers and parts.The original structure can be imitated. TECHNO BUMPER is a fast- drying paint with good adhesion to most automotive plastics. This ...

Techno Finisher

Techno Finisher 2K

Techno Finisher 2K HS

TECHNO FINISHER 2K HS is a new generation 2-component, anti-scratch transparent, perfect for wide surfaces and for spot repairs. Usable on matt bases, metallizes with water or solvent. It contains additives that make easy the spray application and improve the product détente; in this way, it redu...

Techno Finisher 2K UHS

TECHNO FINISHER 2K UHS is a transparent ultra high solid with high brilliance. Thanks to its antistatic effect, it repels dust during painting process, reducing painting defects. TECHNO FINISHER 2K UHS is a new technology that guarantees an easy application and a perfect final result. It is ...

Techno Paste

TECHNO PASTE is an abrasive compound for removing painting defects, such as sanding marks, car wash scratches and paint oxidation, orange peel effect, etc. It restores shine to opaque and oxidised paint finishes simply. Specially designed and developed for quick and clean use without water. It allow...

Techno Paste Fine

TECHNO PASTE FINE is an abrasive polish for removing painting defects, such as sanding marks, car wash scratches, paint oxidation, etc. It restores shine to opaque and oxidised paint finishes simply. It’s specially designed and developed for quick and clean use without water. It allows you to se...

Techno Paste One Step

Techno Paste One Step is an abrasive gel for definitive removal of defects such as P1500-2000 sanding marks, leaving a high final gloss in one single step. It’s a product designed and developed for a fast and clean use without addition of water. It allows you to see immediately the removal of th...

Techno Polish Hologram Free

Techno Polish Hologram Free is a liquid abrasive compound for definitive removal of painting defects, such as sanding marks, car wash scratches, paint oxidation, etc. It restores shine to opaque and oxidised paint finishes simply. It’s specially designed and developed for quick and clean use wit...

Techno Polish PTFE

Techno Polish PTFE is an efficient polish, easy to apply that renews all types of paint. It’s excellent for metallic and double layer and 2K. It can be easily applied and removed. Eliminates all touch-up traces.The PTFE contained forms a long-lasting, water-proof and scratch-resistant molecular ...

Techno Polish Spray

TECHNO POLISH SPRAY is a sprayable polish for all types of paint, plastic, rubber, dashboard, gelcoat,glass, mirror, etc.Apply by hand and wipe off immediately with microfibre cloth.Polishing leaves an excellent and protected finish on all types of paints, including delicate colours.Excellent fo...

Techno Zinc


Benzine HP

BENZINE HP is a high performance additive for all petrol engines, that cleans all components having contact with fuel and safeguards technically reliable and economic operation.

Diesel HP

DIESEL HP is a high performance additive for all diesel engines, that cleans diesel systems, improves diesel engine operating safety, reliability and economy.

Engine Oil Cleaner

ENGINE OIL CLEANER is strong concentrated oil cleaner, designed for all benzine and diesel engines (with or without a catalytic converter). ENGINE OIL CLEANER removes all noxious acids, sludge and other pollutions that normally stick in the crank chamber and other parts. ENGINE OIL CLEANER keeps ...


LPG BENZINE HP is a specially developed concentrate for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) engines. LPG BENZINE HP reduces valve wear and tear (impact damage) and safeguards long-term fuel stability.


Double Fix HT

Double Fix MSE



TEX-TAPE è un nastro composto da un’eccellente struttura a maglie con elevato potere adesivo. TEX-TAPE è adatto a lavori di riparazione e costruzione.


Lotpistole Ultra 2100

Lotpistole Ultramapp 2200


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