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Lubricants are used to prevent friction and excessive wear of moving parts. In addition, they also reduce the resulting frictional energy and therefore reduce overall energy consumption. Some jobs don’t just sound difficult, they actually are! But this is never a problem with the right products.
TECH-MASTERS lubricants can be extremely pressure resistant, waterproof or, if necessary, HACCP compliant. They help prevent downtime and increase productivity.

Individually tailored to your exact requirements - whether for the industrial, commercial or automotive sector - our sales representatives can recommend the right products for you.

Belt Spray H1

BELT SPRAY H1 is a colourless, sticky NSF type H1 registered lubricant, formulated with ingredients that are all NSF approved. BELT SPRAY H1 is specially designed to prevent slipping and to increase the transmission of all drivebelts and transport belts. BELT SPRAY H1 is suitable for all kinds ...

Chain Lube H1

CHAIN LUBE H1 is a NSF type H1 registered lubricant, formulated with ingredients that are all NSF approved. CHAIN LUBE H1 has excellent penetrating capacity that will decrease friction noise and general wear of the chain. CHAIN LUBE H1 has strong water repellant and protecting features that prev...

Clear Lube

CLEAR LUBE is a specially formulated lubricant, based on acrylic copolymers and neutral, synthetic oils, mixed with aliphatic and some aromatic oil derivates, in order to increase the running-in effect. CLEAR-LUBE contains PTFE in order to increase the life span and to reduce the sliding resistance...

Clear Lube-S

CLEAR LUBE-S is a specially composed lubricant based on acrylate copolymers and neutral, synthetic oils, mixed with aliphatic and a small quantity of aromatic petroleum distillates to increase its penetrating effect. CLEAR LUBE-S contains PTFE to increase the standing time and to lower the resistan...

Easy Cable

EASY CABLE is a spray for the assembly and disassembly of any synthetic materials. EASY CABLE makes it easier to push/pull cables through pipes. EASY CABLE is applicable anywhere, in the electricity industry as well as for sanitary installations, HVAC, domotics, ... EASY CABLE is a lubricant for ...

Food Lube

FOOD LUBE is a physiologically harmless multi- purpose grease that meets the requirements for a lubricant in food processing. FOOD LUBE resists water and salt solutions in operating temperatures of -15 °C to +130 °C. In contact of lubricant with food or with a raw material, must be contaminat...

Food Lube Extreme

FOOD LUBE EXTREME is a special lubricating grease for various and extreme operating conditions in the foodstuffs industry. Designed for the most difficult operating conditions in which standard lubricating greases for the foodstuffs industry hit their limits. A wide temperature range and extreme wat...

Grease NLGI 3

GREASE NLGI 3 is a light colour heavy duty grease based on a Lithium-12-Hydroxy stearate soap for long time lubrication under high load. GREASE NLGI 3 is a relative rigid grease. GREASE NLGI 3 is for the long-term lubrication of rolling and slide bearings, also appropriate in case of high loads....

Keramic Spray/Paste

KERAMIC SPRAY is a high quality, metal free and extreme heat resistant high pressure resistant lubricating, separating and anti-corrosion paste. KERAMIC SPRAY is a high-quality, durable ceramic fat been developed specifically for applications where high pressure and temperature resistance is requir...

Lubricant H1

LUBRICANT H1 is an NSF H1 registered lubricant, formulated from ingredients which are all NSF registered. LUBRICANT H1 has been developed to offer an optimum lubricating capacity at high stresses and is simple to apply in locations that are difficult to reach.LUBRICANT H1 can be used in a large ran...


LUBRIFINE is a low viscosity mineral lubricating oil of high quality. Due to its low viscosity and high penetrating capacity, it may be used perfectly on areas where a normal lubricating oil cannot be used. LUBRIFINE is a high quality universal lubricant. It offers an easy, accurate and economical ...

Maintenance Spray H1

MAINTENANCE SPRAY H1 is an NSF type 1 registered lubricant, formulated from ingredients that are all NSF registered. MAINTENANCE SPRAY H1 combines a high penetrating capacity with fast moisture elimination for use in all food processing companies. MAINTENANCE SPRAY H1 loosens up jammed screws, bol...

Moly Dry

MOLY DRY is a molybdenum disulfide- based sliding varnish with high mechanical strength. Its specific formulation permits continuous outstanding results in high operating temperature range (up to 450°C). MOLY DRY is a dry film lubricant designed to improve the lifetime of machinery parts. MOLY D...

Multi Super 5

MULTI SUPER 5 provides a high capillary effect and good creeping action. It penetrates into the smallest cavities causing a chemical attack which loosens the rust. MULTI SUPER 5 contains no silicones or graphite.

Multi Tech Dry

MULTI TECH DRY is a high performance, dry lubricant for the treatment of mechanical parts of metal and plastic, where no residues of oil and grease are desired. It has a very low friction factor and prevents parts from wear and sticking. MULTI TECH DRY is suitable for parts which are liable to lig...


MULTISPRAY is fast and effective in contact with rust, tar, grease and water. MULTISPRAY contains no silicones and is safe to use on plastics, lacquers … MULTISPRAY combines penetrating power, lubrication, protection, cleaning, rust removal, drives away moisture and the cold shrinkage results i...

Nova Lube

NOVA LUBE is a protective and lubricating compound made of micronized pure metal particles and a synthetic carrier which protects against corrosion and oxidation. NOVA LUBE penetrates the smallest pores and crevices of the metal and forms a fine dividing film that is protective and long lasting. As...

Nova PTFE Oil

NOVA PTFE OIL is a white-transparent lubricant, based on high quality mineral oil and round, micron PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluorine Ethylene) grins, which fill the lubrication film and have a ball-bearing effect with a good adhesion. PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of all solid materials. NOV...

Novafuel Care and Protect

NOVAFUEL CARE AND PROTECT is easy to apply, protects and lubricates all parts of the combustion circuit. NOVAFUEL CARE AND PROTECT is safe for catalysts and can be used in diesel-, fuel- as well as in LPG motors.

Novalube Brush

NOVALUBE BRUSH is especially developed to protect contact surfaces in an economical way. NOVALUBE BRUSH prevents contact surfaces from touching each other, with ferrous as well as nonferrous metals. NOVALUBE BRUSH makes metals corrosion- and rust-resistant. NOVALUBE BRUSH is thanks to the selecte...

Novalube Ceramic

NOVALUBE CERAMIC gives the best lubrication in the worst circumstances and decreases wear and tear on places of high friction and temperature. NOVALUBE CERAMIC provides all metals, even stainless steel, with a protective and anti-corrosive layer that is good heat and chemical resistant. NOVALUBE C...


PENETRON is a multifunctional rust-resistant and rust dissolving penetrating oil with a very longlasting lubricating effect, due to the addition of graphite and MoS2. PENETRON reacts quickly and is economical to use.


SILGREASE is a high-quality - non-meltable - silicone resin grease with exceptional lubrication properties. SILGREASE is fully electrically insulating and protects against corrosion and oxidation. Due to its high electrical insulation properties SILGREASE is in accordance with the United Kingdom c...

Silgrease H1

SILGREASE H1 is a universal silicone grease that meets the USDA H1 standard according to the guidelines 21 CFR 178.3570 of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). SILGREASE H1 is completely water-resistant, anti-corrosive, colourless, non-toxic and neutral. SILGREASE H1 does not sag or harden. SILG...

Silicon 100

SILICON 100 is an active substance based on water repellent, odourless, chemically inert silicone oils (Dimethylpolysiloxane). Long working time. Excellent greasing and sliding properties.

Silicone Spray H1

SILICONE SPRAY H1 is an NSF H1 registered lubricant, formulated from ingredients which are all NSF registered. SILICONE SPRAY H1 has excellent lubricating and side capacity with a good termperature resistance. SILICONE SPRAY H1 provides a good adhesion and sustainability, because of its low surfac...

Tip Tap

TIP TAP is a specially developed cutting liquid for every form of metalworking such as tapping, wire cutting, drilling, sawing, milling, etc. Controlled lubrification and practically immediate cooling increase the life span of tools and improve the processing result. TIP TAP is a universel product,...

Tire Grease

TIRE GREASE is a high-tech sprayable grease for mounting and dismounting of tyres. TIRE GREASE is packed in a practical spray can which excludes product pollution and formation of bacteria. The practical aerosol ensures that you do not need a brush anymore to apply the grease and it also prevents ...

Ultimate Grease

ULTIMATE GREASE is an extra heavy duty non-melt grease specially formulated from the highest quality paraffin base oils and special additives which enables it to withstand the heavy impact and pounding pressures of equipment operating under boundary conditions without splattering. The grease stays ...

White Supreme Grease

WHITE SUPREME GREASE is a multi-purpose heavy-duty lubricant, based on calcium. It is easy to use, the spray can deliver an even coverage, prevents waste and contamination. WHITE SUPREME GREASE has a high penetrating capacity. The product flows out as a thin oil which then becomes a grease. The pr...

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