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A wide range of tools and equipment - perfectly matched for use with our products - completes the TECH-MASTERS range.
This category includes both hand tools that make using our products easier, as well as tools and equipment that simplify your work and which don’t require the purchase of additional products.

Find The right product for you here or call us if you have any questions!

Cable Ties

CABLE TIES are high-quality cable ties made of polyamide in the colors black and natural. CABLE TIES are UL94 HB tested and have high abrasion resistance and dimensional stability. The high tensile strength and elasticity is tested and certified by TÜV-Rheinland, Germany. CABLE TIES are temperature-...

Caulking Gun

CAULKING GUN has a patented adjustable screw to cut thrust gaps. Due to its high-performance drive it is easy on hand. CAULKING GUN features a patented wave spacer which ensures stable and smooth rotation of the carriage. CAULKING GUN is suitable for cold weather and high viscosity materials.


CUTTER has a great compact design. With its robust zinc-alloy housing the cutter has a comfortable weight and fits comfortably in the hands. Craftsmen will love the design, great feel and cutting power. The high quality blade offers an unlimited? performance on almost all materials. It`s the perfec...

Cutter HD

CUTTER HD has a great compact design and a simple blade changing mechanism. Pro tradesmen will love the compact design, great feel and cutting power. The high quality 2 notch blade offers an unlimited performance on almost all material. It`s the perfect knife for any professional.

Drill It

DRILL IT drills are manufactured according to DIN338 standard, type N. HSS-E 5 % cobalt alloy. The fully ground spirals drills are made of high grade industrial steel with a 5 % cobalt alloy (M35). DRILL IT drills are very precise hence the result will be an exact round hole. Because of the cobalt...

Dura Light

DURA LIGHT is a combination of a regular torch with an investigation and working lamp. Through the modern LED-technology DURA LIGHT offers a much larger light output than other comparable lamps. DURA LIGHT inc...

Easy Seal

EASY SEAL is a special tool for the processing of permanently elastic materials such as silicones. EASY SEAL comes in 3 sizes with different edges and curves depending on the intended use. EASY SEAL is made of elastic, abrasion and acid-proof plastic which makes it easy to use and clean.

Lotpistole Micro

Gives a precise and adjustable flame ideal for cooking, lighting barbeques and candles also small soldering jobs . Automatic ignition. Complete portability. Hi-tech polymer construction - light weight yet sturdy . Flame temperature 1300°C. Burning time per fill 60 min. For use with Butangas 1925°

Lotpistole Refill 1925

The professional blowtorch for brazing, soft soldering and other heating applications. For use with refillable cartridge 2000.

Lotpistole Set

For applications such as automotive and truck repairs, TV- and radio repairs, jewelry repairs, electronics, air condition, shrinking and other heating jobs . Automatic piezo ignition. Portable multi function heat tool. Visible fuel level. Power range 30-125 Watt. Flame temperature 1300°C. Burning...

Lotpistole Soft 1925

The blowtorch for Do-It-Yourself applications l ike soft soldering, loosening bolts, paintstripping, lighting the barbeque! For use with disposable cartridges 2203 and 2204.

Lotpistole Turbo

For all kinds of brazing, soft soldering and heating applications. Available with piezo ignition.

Lotpistole Ultra 2100

The professional and light weight blowtorch for brazing, soft soldering and other heating applications! For use with disposable cartridges 2205.

Lotpistole Ultramapp 2200

Metaljet and Ultramapp gas form together the most powerful and efficient torch system on the market. A combination of modern combustion technology and unique gas mixture gives you a flame temperature of 2200°C. Sturdy metal handle with stainless steel high efficient cyclone burner 8707 for...

Magic Soap

MAGIC SOAP is a mild cleaning lotion for daily use. It has a pleasant fragrance and is highly concentrated. It is economical in use as only a small amount is necessary to receive a good cleaning effect. The pleasant grapefruit fragrance remains for a long time on hands after...

Micro Towel

MICRO TOWEL is an antistatic microfibre towel, ideal for cleaning of sensitive surfaces. MICRO TOWEL is enviromentally friendly, it can be used chemical free. MICRO TOWEL can be used for dry and wet cleaning.

Mix Master

MIX MASTER is an intuitive and cost effective dispensing system. It features revolutionary hydrodynamic technology that sets new industry standards of performance and reliability. MIX MASTER efficiently fills small, medium and large containers with accurately diluted use solutions from up to 4 d...

Oil Tissue

OIL TISSUE oil absorption tissues are suitable for dust-free absorption of heavy and light oils, fuels and other chemicals and many non-water-soluble substances. The environmentally friendly non-woven material can absorb a multiple of its own weight, is heat resistant and fully floatable. Whether d...

Power Twister

Due to the rotating ball in the POWER TWISTER, which is used instead of a metal rotating hose, the gun can be used from 4 bar instead of 6 to 7 bar compressed air. The new high-tech motor guarantees a trouble-free operation. POWER TWISTER can be used together with the POWER TWISTER ADAPTOR. The inje...


PROFORMIC is a liquid plastic, which cures in seconds using a small power LED. In the area of repairs and maintenance PROFORMIC is an excellent filling and modeling plastic. Small mobile units make the system flexible, allowing it to be used anywhere. PROFORMIC is resistant against solvents, oil, ga...

Scraper HD

SCRAPER HD is designed for professionals to remove all kind of stickers, paints and residue, from hard surfaces. The sure grip offers you a perfect handling even when the scraper is wet.The full metal body and the three position safety stop guarantees an extended life time even in combination wit...

Spray Boy

SPRAY BOY is a robust handle for all spray cans. It creates a controllable dosage and has a clean spray pattern. SPRAY BOY allows non-tiring applications even of bigger surfaces. Due to its ergonomic design it is easy and safe to handle for every user.

Spray Master

SPRAY MASTER is a pressure sprayer with increased chemical resistance against acids, alkalines and solvents. It is intended to be used in car washes, builing industry, welding, filling stations, medical facilities as well as at home. SPRAY MASTER is easy to use and very efficient.


TECH-NO-ICE offers a 10 times better melting performance than salt. Due to the unique shape of the pellets they remain lying also on inclined surfaces. TECH-NO-ICE works extremely fast at temperatures to -40°C. TECH-NO-ICE is hygroscopic, that means: when ice and snow are melted away, on the bottom ...


VARIOGRIP are automatically adjustable pliers, which are labor-saving due to a unique system. VARIOGRIP arecontrolled by one hand without a need for adjusting. Jaw teeth arrange for reliable grip at various areas and dimensions. Ergonomic shape of the holder enables easy grip and thus provides m...

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