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Perfect ambience thanks to Tech-Masters

In the health and beauty sector, be it doctors' offices, hospitals, beauty salons, hairdressers or fitness studios, thorough cleaning is absolutely crucial. In addition to the floor, which is heavily soiled wherever there are many people, special attention should also be given to the sanitary facilities as well as changing rooms and lounges. However, it’s always important to pay attention to the different requirements of these various health, care and beauty facilities in order to make the right product choices. Cleaners that are ideal for use in hospitals may not be appropriate for gyms.
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Hygiene rules for your health

Not only hospitals, but also health institutes such as rehabilitation clinics or medical practices are subject, for the sake of your health, to strict hygiene regulations. These regulations concern not only general cleaning of floors, sanitary facilities and surfaces, but of course employee hygiene as well. In order to be able to act effectively in both areas while still protecting materials and skin, the products used must be specially adapted to the individual requirements. Only TECH-MASTERS products can provide this certainty.

Cleanliness for that extra feel-good factor

Cleanliness makes people feel good. This is especially important for beauty or pedicure businesses, hairdressers or nail salons. To be able to really relax, it’s important that the utensils used are clean, as well as all other surfaces and the floor.
Workers in these industries have to wash their hands a lot, which can be damaging in the long-term as many cleansers dry out the skin. However, the special products of TECH-MASTERS kill two birds with one stone: they thoroughly cleanse the skin of bacteria, viruses and dirt, but are nevertheless gentle and even have a moisturising effect. A perfect combination for all care and beauty companies.

TECH-MASTERS in the fight against bad odours

Bacteria and fungi especially like dark, moist environments that lack fresh air. This is what gym locker rooms usually look like. Most people probably know from their own experience that this environment is perfect for producing mould and bad odours. To stop these from forming in the first place, changing rooms should be kept as dry and clean as possible. From time to time, general cleaning with special products is recommended to remove mould once it has formed. For this you will find the ideal product selection at TECH-MASTERS.
It is, of course, advisable to use air fresheners to keep bad odours in check. At TECH-MASTERS we offer various products that have a long-lasting fragrance and are also environmentally-friendly.


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