Werkstätten und Handwerk
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Trades companies rely on TECH-MASTERS

Just as customers of trades companies and workshops rely on their reputation for quality, these companies also rely on TECH-MASTERS products. They can, because our products live up to their promise. For every problem we find the individual custom solution and the ideal products. Tailored specifically to your company.

Unscheduled cleaning, in between and on the go

Both trades companies and other workshops work - as you would expect - with their hands. And of course they get dirty too. To clean your hands quickly, TECH-MASTERS has innovative products that can be used both in the workshop and on the go. Fat, tar, oil, silicone or even adhesive residues can be removed quickly from skin and other surfaces. Despite the excellent cleaning performance, skin is not damaged and does not dry out even after repeated use. The towels can be taken anywhere thanks to their practical dispenser.
But TECH-MASTERS not only offers towels, we also supply liquid cleaners, gels or pastes that can be used to clean dirty hands.

So stick with the professionals

Werkstätten und Handwerk

Trades companies such as joineries, roofers, blacksmiths, stonemasons and other workshops very often have to perform different types of bonding. Not only are different materials glued together, stringent demands are also placed on the adhesives: Water resistance, compression or tensile strength, long durability are just a few of them.
TECH-MASTERS not only supplies adhesives and sealants for this area, but also epoxies. This product range is guaranteed to have the right product for every industry. Depending on your requirements, we have adhesives that cure quickly as well as those that remain somewhat flexible and the bonded parts to be adjusted. In any case, at TECH-MASTERS you will find the right adhesive for you.

Protected surfaces by the specialist

In general, surfaces can be protected in several different ways. In the case of ferrous materials, paints or primers are usually applied. However, these only provide superficial protection and corrosion still usually occurs. Through intensive research, we are constantly finding new technologies to solve these problems. For example, metals can be protected by cold galvanizing. This creates a particularly durable and self-repairing protective layer that can’t be compared to other protective films.
Special care is often required when welding or soldering as surrounding materials must not be damaged or be deformed by heat. TECH-MASTERS makes this possible by developing special products that protect surfaces. Thanks to its gel form, the product always sticks where it is needed. Despite its excellent application properties, the product is non-toxic, harmless to the skin and also odourless.

Optimum lubrication for all machines

Drilling, sawing, screwing, grinding - all these jobs require machines that have to be maintained to function properly. Regular cleaning and maintenance extends the life of often very expensive machines and prevents premature wear. TECH-MASTERS lubricants have an extremely long duration of action, are resistant to steam, friction, most acids, chemicals and weathering, and are safe to use on rubber or plastic. Depending on the specific product, our lubricants have even more properties: Protection, high temperature resistance, compressive and tensile strength as well as economical use are possible with TECH-MASTERS products.

Protection in the workplace

Workshops and trades people work with large and sometimes very loud machines. In this case, it is particularly important to protect the hearing of your employees. Of course, hearing protection should not interfere with work or restrict the employees in their freedom of movement. That’s why TECH-MASTERS offers products that blend inconspicuously into their daily work routines.
In addition to hearing, the eyes and hands should of course be protected when working around machines. Here, too, you will find work safety products and optimised tools for your industry, which will make your job easier.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about our company or specific products? Then don’t hesitate to call or write to us. We’re happy to help you!