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From cellar to roof – build on TECH-MASTERS

Almost no other branch has so many diverse demands as the construction sector: Excavator and crane operators, bricklayers, roofers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, tilers, installers and many more are all involved in building construction. All of them have very different requirements regarding cleaning, lubricants and protective agents - due to the materials and the corresponding equipment or tools that they need to work on. Nevertheless, we know we’re more than capable of meeting the demands of the construction sector and have the right products in our range. Just browse our diverse product range or contact us if you have any questions.

Renovate more efficiently with TECH-MASTERS

The construction sector isn’t just about new builds, pre-existing buildings are often renovated and overhauled. Not only is this more economical, it also offers huge savings due to ever-increasing land prices. Different work will be required, depending on the nature of the building under renovation and its intended use. Whether it’s removal of old floors, repainting walls, refinishing wooden beams, caulking or just the treatment of already laid floors: In any case, you’ll need suitable tools and equipment for this work. That's why TECH-MASTERS offers products for stripping wood, metal, plaster and stone. The unique chemical composition of the product lifts the paint or varnish - this can then be easily removed. Even hardened oil, tar and resin can be removed quite quickly.
If floors need to be reconditioned, thorough cleaning is very important. After that, fresh varnish, stain, epoxies or other floor sealing agents can be applied. And of course, we have the right product both steps. Both wood and tile floors can be cleaned quickly and safely with TECH-MASTERS products without damaging the surface unnecessarily. Most of our cleaners also have a protective component that offers extra layer of care to the material before it is sealed.

Machine and tool cleaning by the professionals


In the construction sector, time is money, because every minute means additional costs for the developer.
At the same time, however, a large number of machines are needed in this industry, which of course have to be cleaned after work so that they can be used properly again the next day. However, ensuring no time is wasted on this task means relying on the right cleaning staff. Regular cleaning and maintenance also extends the service life of tools and machines. This saves a lot of money. From simple degreasing to intensive cleaning of mixers, saws and other heavy equipment to the lubrication of tools and machines - at TECH-MASTERS you will find products that save you time and therefore money thanks to their special composition.

Adhesives, adhesive tapes and sealing products

Bonding and sealing work is commonplace in the construction sector. Just like the demands placed on the various materials in this area, the requirements of adhesives and waterproofing products are also very different. Adhesive applications should be as flexible as possible to enable a wide variety of materials to be bonded. At the same time they must be safe to use, must not dry out quickly and should also be economical. That sounds like a big challenge for most adhesives. But not for TECH-MASTERS products. Because we have a large selection of adhesives with different application-dependent properties.
The same applies to our sealing products: These are always unique in their composition and have many special properties. This category includes products for waterproofing roofs and masonry as well as PU foam and silicones. The TECH-MASTERS product range also includes extremely durable, heavy-duty tapes that are particularly suitable for many situations.


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