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Cleaners and degreasers

TECH-MASTERS cleaners and degreasers offer individual solutions for the most diverse requirements of any industry. Regardless of whether you are cleaning stubborn grease in a car plant, laboriously removing oil in food processing or the ordinary, everyday grime that collects on floors and desks, we've got a wide range of highly innovative and effective aerosol and liquid cleaners, as well as solvents, for use in the industrial, commercial and automotive sectors. Efficient cleaning and degreasing, without damaging surfaces - that’s not a contradiction, but rather our promise to you! Because only TECH-MASTERS products deliver top rewards without damaging other materials or surfaces. Trust in us and our competence when it comes to cleaning and maintenance in your company!

Air Spray

AIRSPRAY is a unique and universal high pressure system in aerosol packing. Pure and dry air with a liquid propellant. AIRSPRAY can be used as cooler and also as cleaner and dryer. Portable flexibility in one, easy to use. Turning the can upside down, AIRSPRAY can be used as a freezing spray.

Aqua Clean Blue

AQUA CLEAN BLUE is very economic noncorrosive degreaser useful for most water-resistant surfaces, where effectively removes dry oily layers, cutting and machining fluids, etc. It is especially suited for surface preparation before application of paints and varnishes. AQUA CLEAN BLUE effectively rem...

Aqua Clean Yellow

AQUA CLEAN YELLOW is a highly effective surface renovator that breaks down the molecular structures of dirt, sludge and grime and floats them away. AQUA CLEAN YELLOW renovates grimly industrial surfaces, floors, machinery and equipment found in automotive repair shops, truck terminals, aircraft ha...

Bio Clean

BIO CLEAN is a water based intensive cleaner for removing resinous oils and greases, pigment coatings and other residues. BIO CLEAN contains a powerful corrosion inhibitor to reduce the hazard of corrosion to steel surfaces which are subject to rusting with most water-based cleaners. BIO CLEAN is ...

Bio Clean Gel

BIO CLEAN GEL is viscous-, phosphate-free and water based intensive cleaner for removing resinous oils and greases, pigment coatings and other residues. BIO CLEAN GEL is excellent dissolving performance already achieves optimal cleaning results at ambient temperature.


BIOTEX is a special formulation of biodegradable detergents and penetrants designed to remove food fats and grease deposits from ovens, ranges, deep fat fryers, filter hoods, and all other kitchen and food processing working areas

CA Buster

CA BUSTER is a scientifically blended non-fuming combination of scale conditioning and dissolving agents in a highly corrosion preventative base. CA BUSTER contains no dangerous volatile acids such as hydrochloric or muriatic acids. CA BUSTER is safe in most cooling systems since it is non-corrosive...

CA Buster HCI

CA Buster HCI is a safe and effective replacement for dangerous raw and muriatic acid products. It penetrates without heavy agitation to break up and remove lime deposits, scale, rust, algae, stains, mineral sediments and scum.

CA Buster HD

CA BUSTER HD is a professional delimer for industrial appliances and is perfectly suited for removing limescale, mineral residue, lime and oxidation. CA BUSTER HD can be applied with a foam trigger and be used in a closed system. CA BUSTER HD acts quickly and is economical.

CA Buster Pearls

CA BUSTER PEARLS remove limescale and urine scale efficiently and reliably. CA BUSTER PEARLS are universally applicable. Due to the consistency, which the pearls form in combination with water, a long standing time of the product is created and the CA BUSTER PEARLS can be worked in very well on hori...

CA Buster RTU

CA BUSTER RTU is ideally suited for deliming household appliances. The added inhibitors ensure that parts are protected to the maximum. CA BUSTER RTU both cleans and protects.

Clean Spray

CLEAN SPRAY is the ideal cleaner and degreaser for delicate applications, especially where a completely dry and clean surface is crucial. CLEAN SPRAY removes excess fluids, oils and dirt and leaves a completely dry surface. Thanks to its jet spray, even hardly reachable areas can easily be cleaned. ...

Clean Up

Free your workshop from danger sources like unwanted spills and liquids with the mobile and ergonomic absorbent station CLEAN UP. The corresponding absorbent CLEAN UP POWDER is stored in and distributed with the station. The powder instantly abosrbs all types of liquids, leaving the treated surface...

Clima Cleaner

CLIMA CLEANER is a spray disinfectant for mushrooms and bacteria. CLIMA CLEANER has been created to disinfect all types of materials, it removes mushrooms and bacteria in 5 minutes and prevents the forming. The effect of CLIMA CLEANER is immediate and remains for a long time. CLIMA CLEANER i...


DEFOAMER is an anti-foaming agent especilly formulated for the use in any type of cleaning machine. It effectivly prevents the build-up of foam inside of the machine and also removes already formed foam. DEFOAMER acts immediately and is very economic in use.

Drain Clean

DRAIN CLEAN is a biodegradable product, with clears and maintains all blocked drains rapid and effective without damaging the tubes or fittings. Because of the very high specific weight DRAIN CLEAN penetrates immediately through the waste water and restores drains to full flow very fast. It...

Drain Clean Pearls

DRAIN CLEAN PEARLS is a biodegradable drain line opener and maintainer, which remains inactive until it enters in direct contact with water and organic matter. It quickly restores drains to full flow without harming drainpipes and fittings by attacking the key source of slow-moving drains (hair, soa...

Eco Part Cleaner

The ECO PART CLEANER allows for water-based VOC-free cleaning of parts without the need of solvents and regenerates its cleaning capacity with natural micro-organisms. The employee and the environment are protected from highly volatile vapors, which cause skin, eye and breathing irritations. The EC...

Eco Paste

ECO PASTE is caring and protective at the same time. The universally applicable ECO PASTE cleans even the most stubborn encrustations effortlessly. The combination of soap and polishing particles makes the product so effective in use. The cleaning power of the soap and the mechanical effect of the p...

Eco Tech

ECO TECH is a highly concentrated surface cleaner for use on all water-resistant surfaces. Due to the many application fields and its high concentration, ECO TECH is versatile and long lasting. ECO TECH helps to reduce odors by elimination odor sources.

Eco Tech RTU

ECO TECH RTU is designed to be used on all water-resistant surfaces and floor coverings. This product is recommended for renovating floors and woodwork, walls, ceilings, desks and furniture, venetian blinds, industrial machinery and fixtures, general construction clean up and wherever a safe, deep c...

Electro Cleaner

ELECTRO CLEANER can be used on all electrical equipment. This offers advantages in terms of practical use, functional efficiency and safety. ELECTRO CLEANER cleans, degreases and removes oxidation from electrical equipment. Ideal for Electronics, electromechanical equipment, Radio and TV servici...

Electro Cleaner N

ELECTRO CLEANER N cleans, degreases and removes oxidation from all electrical and electronic equipment, such as circuit boards, servos, remote switches, terminal boards, printed circuits, integrated circuits etc. ELECTRO CLEANER N dielectric property enables it to be used on live circuitry, ...

Fast Clean

FAST CLEAN is a professional, hydrocarbon based highly effective and fast cleaner and degreaser. FAST CLEAN is ideal to free parts of greasy, resinous and silicon residues during servicing and repairing. FAST CLEAN removes grease, oil, tar, wax, brake dust, and acitvates parts before glueing and pai...

Fresh Boots

Glass Clean

GLASS CLEAN is a special, antistatic cleaning fluid for glass and mirror surfaces. GLASS CLEAN can also be used for daily cleaning of furniture and tiles. GLASS CLEAN dries quickly, leaving no residue or stains. Thanks to the antistatic effect of GLASS CLEAN, the cleaned surface remains clean and d...

Inox Star

INOX STAR is an odourless multifunctional product for metal surfaces, designed to restore the original luster and shine to most metal surfaces. INOX STAR is based on pharmaceutical oil, solvents and water and the light foam adheres on the vertical surfaces. INOX STAR can be used on matt and glossy...

Magic Pro Wipes

MAGIC PRO WIPES are the go to product for every driver and mechanic. These modern and most importantly comfortable cleaning wipes can be used for a wide range of applications. They are save for the use on tools, machines, engine parts as well as materials like metal, plastics and ceramics. Due to t...

Mega Foam

MEGA FOAM is a universal, efficient foam spray to degrease and clean. MEGA FOAM is easy and fast to use. It is safe to use even on sensitive surfaces. MEGA FOAM contains no abrasives and has a pleasant odour. MEGA FOAM leaves no traces, smears or coloured marks on surfaces.

Multi Paste

MULTI PASTE quickly eliminates dirt, oxidation and even rust. MULTI PASTE is a cleaning paste that does not scratch soft materials. After polishing, MULTI PASTE leaves a protective layer, which is resistant to moisture, oxidation and carbonic acid to prevent future rust. MULTI PASTE gives a marvello...

Multi Wipes

MULTI WIPES are formulated with special cleaning ingredients which are gentle on hands and tough on grime. MULTI WIPES quickly and effientenly remove all kinds of grease, oil, pains, adhesives, glues, etc. They can be used for any application and offer better absorbency than regular polypropylene...

One Shot Air

With ONE SHOT AIR dust and dirt belong to the past. This high quality air atomizer allows you to remove even the smallest particels from parts, components and surfaces. Due to its high pressue with approx. 8 bar, ONE SHOT AIR also cleans and dries hardly reachable areas effectivly. When used upsi...

Paint Remover

PAINT REMOVER is a highly effective, universal concentrate for removing paint streaks and smears, graffiti and similar from all solvent-resistant surfaces.

Parts Cleaner HD

PARTS CLEANER HD is a powerful and reliable cleaner for the cleaning of parts in fuel systems. It effectively removes contaminations such as carbon, grease, resin, gum, oxidation and many more. Due to its formulation it is especially suitable for the use on automotive parts such as valves, actuator...

Power Clean

POWER CLEAN is an efficient and strong cleaner and degreaser for removing grease, oil, dirt and dust. It is easy to apply, quick acting and economical in use. Thanks to its jet spray, POWER CLEAN offers efficient cleaning in difficult to reach locations. It degreases and cleans metal, glass, cerami...

Power Foam

POWER FOAM is a universal, efficient foam spray to degrease and clean. POWER FOAM is easy and fast to use. It is safe to use even on sensitive surfaces. POWER FOAM contains no abrasives and has a pleasant odour. POWER FOAM leaves no traces, smears or coloured marks on surfaces.

Power Strip

POWER STRIP is a powerful high-performance strip spray for the removal of paints, varnishes, polyurethane and many more. By using POWER STRIP there is no need for sanding, brushing or cutting anymore. Due to its special formulation, POWER STRIP can safely be used on various material like metal, mas...

PUR Foam Cleaner

PUR FOAM CLEANER is a cleaning spray for removing uncured construction foam from tools, clothing and surfaces. Due to its special formulation PUR FOAM CLEANER can also be used to clean the inside and outside of foam gun from unhardened construction foam. PUR FOAM CLEANER cleans window frames, window...

Safe Clean

SAFE CLEAN is a safe and fast multipurpose solvent-degreaser that leaves no oily film. SAFE CLEAN is a 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent that contains no reclyded solvents. SAFE CLEAN is safe in use on most plastics as well as on painted surfaces, vinyl and glass.

Safe Clean Eco

SAFE CLEAN ECO is an efficient solvent based cleaner and degreaser, used for removing all kinds of grease, oil, dirt and dust. Due to its special formulation SAFE CLEAN ECO softens and disolves grease and oils thus leaving the treated surface residue-free. SAFE CLEAN ECO dries very fast which makes...

Safe Clean Gel

Due to its gel-like consistency, SAFE CLEAN GEL is the optimal cleaner for vertical or inclined surfaces. The special formulation allows SAFE CLEAN GEL to stay on the surface for a long time without running. SAFE CLEAN GEL is a versatile degreaser suitable for the removal of adhesives, sealants, oil...

Safety Boots

SAFETY BOOTS was created to sanitize all types of footwear and helmets made in the most varied materials. SAFETY BOOTS removes mold and bacteria in just 5 minutes and has a pleasant fragrance for a long time. SAFETY BOOTS is a combination of molecules with active sanitizing based on quaternary am...


The SANCLEAN citric acid sanitary cleaner instantly removes limescale stains and soap residue from faucets and chrome fittings found in wet rooms.SANCLEAN dries without stains or residue, therefore it is not necessary to rinse the sanitary ware with clean water after use. SANCLEAN is also suitable ...

Scalex Fresh

SCALEX FRESH is a special acid cleanser developed for use on sensitive surfaces such as stainless steel, chrome, chromate surfaces, artificial stone, glass, plexiglass, thermoplastic. It is possible to use it on all washable surface. Next it is used on other washable surfaces such as ceramic and sto...

Stone Off

STONE OFF is a heavy duty, industrial concentrate cleaner for removing heavy mortar encrustations from cement trucks, cement mixers, whell barrows, metal equipment, shovels, brick, ceramic tile, transit forms etc. It is completely water soluble and leaves no residue.

Super Soak

SUPER SOAK is developed for binding and absorbing of different kind of contaminations. This includes all fluids of organic, non organic, synthetic or natural origin. As fuels, Diesel, gasoline, oil, lubricants, Hydraulic oil, waste oil, solvent, antifreeze liquids, acids and bases (with exception: H...


SUPERSOLV is a non-flammable, fast drying industrial degreaser that leaves no residues. The jet spray simplifies to apply difficult to reach areas. Safe and economical in use thanks its non-flammable properties and the self evaporation. SUPERSOLV clean metal parts, glass, ceramics, most of plastics...

Techno Solv Eco

TECHNO SOLV ECO is a 100% chloride‐and aromatics‐free solvent. It meets requirements about the new regulations reguarding the safety in workplace. It is a plant compound which can be used safely to degrease,cleaning and remove oils, greases, waxes and inks. It leaves a pleasant odour after use. It i...

Ultra Cleaner

ULTRA CLEANER is a water based alkaline decarbonizer for ultrasonic machines. It is developed to remove carbon deposits, engine varnish, heavy soils as found in internal combustion engine. ULTRA CLEANER does not contain chlorinated solvents, phenolic bodies, amines or chromates which allows the use...

Ultra Wipes

ULTRA WIPES are the ideal combination of hand cleanser and towel. Different agents will take away oil, grease, ink, paint, bad odour caused from petrol and many other materials that are hard to remove. In addition ULTRA WIPES remove drops and splashes from most nonporous surfaces such as tools, equ...


ULTRASOLV is the ideal combination product for efficient cleaning and etching of surfaces. Due to its powerful formulation ULTRASOLV can be used as echting agent before glueing or using laquers. In addition ULTRASOLV is perfectly suitable as a diluent for epoxys. ULTRASOLV also works as a fluid abr...


ULTRASONIC washing machines are characterized by "HD" acronym and establish the new Tech-Masters experience in the field of ultrasonic cleaning machines. All models underlie the highest quality standards. ULTRASONIC machines are compact, reliable and essential for a deep and fast cleaning of every ...

Wash & Wax

WASH & WAX is an economical, high concentrated shampoo and wax in one. It removes tree sap, bugs, fuel and oil stains, leaving the surface completely clean. WASH & WAX gives surfaces an antistatic effect, corrosive protection and excellent gloss.

Wheel Cleaner HD

WHEEL CLEANER HD is an acid based cleaner for rims, aluminum surfaces and galvanized materials. It is based on powerful cleaners in combination with corrosion protecting ingredients. WHEEL CLEANER HD works strong on static and heavy pollution, is fat emulsifying and free of hydrofluoric acids. WH...

Wheel Cleaner HD RTU

WHEEL CLEANER HD RTU is an acid based cleaner for rims, aluminum surfaces and galvanized materials. It is based on powerful cleaners in combination with corrosion protecting ingredients. WHEEL CLEANER HD RTU works strong on static and heavy pollution, is fat emulsifying and free of hydrofluoric aci...

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