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Cleaners and degreasers

TECH-MASTERS cleaners and degreasers offer individual solutions for the most diverse requirements of any industry. Regardless of whether you are cleaning stubborn grease in a car plant, laboriously removing oil in food processing or the ordinary, everyday grime that collects on floors and desks, we've got a wide range of highly innovative and effective aerosol and liquid cleaners, as well as solvents, for use in the industrial, commercial and automotive sectors. Efficient cleaning and degreasing, without damaging surfaces - that’s not a contradiction, but rather our promise to you! Because only TECH-MASTERS products deliver top rewards without damaging other materials or surfaces. Trust in us and our competence when it comes to cleaning and maintenance in your company!

Air Spray

AIRSPRAY is a unique and universal high pressure system in aerosol packing. Pure and dry air with a liquid propellant. AIRSPRAY can be used as cooler and also as cleaner and dryer. Portable flexibility in one, easy to use. Turning the can upside down, AIRSPRAY can be used as a freezing spray.


AIRCLEAN is a powerful cleaner and deodorizer for air-conditioning systems. AIRCLEAN is made especially to disinfect all materials, on which mildew deposits can occur. Result within 5 minutes. The creation of new mildew deposit is prevented for a long time. The immediate and long-term effect of AIRC...


AQUASOLV is a concentrate of water-soluble solvents, penetrating agents, wetting agents and synthetic detergents with the ability to attack the molecular structure of soils, greasy deposits, gummy residues and imbedded grease stains without damaging the surface itself. Soils are then detached...


BIOTEX is a special formulation of biodegradable detergents and penetrants designed to remove food fats and grease deposits from ovens, ranges, deep fat fryers, filter hoods, and all other kitchen and food processing working areas

CA Clean

Ca CLEAN is a cleaner that is ideally suited for deliming and removing rust stains in all sanitary installations with acid-resistant tiling, such as swimming pools, bathrooms, shower stalls, toilets, urinals, ... Ca CLEAN is used for cleaning plastic surfaces and stainless steel installations that ...

CA Remover

Ca REMOVER is ideally suited for deliming household appliances. The added inhibitors ensure that parts are protected to the maximum. Ca REMOVER meets HACCP standards. Ca REMOVER both cleans and protects.

CA Remover HD

Ca REMOVER HD is a professional delimer for industrial appliances and is perfectly suited for removing limescale, mineral residue, lime and oxidation. Ca REMOVER HD can be applied with a foam trigger and be used in a closed system. Ca REMOVER HD acts quickly and is economical. Ca REMOVER HD ...

Drain Clean

DRAIN CLEAN is a biodegradable product, with clears and maintains all blocked drains rapid and effective without damaging the tubes or fittings. Because of the very high specific weight DRAIN CLEAN penetrates immediately through the waste water and restores drains to full flow very fast. It...

Eco Part Cleaner

The ECO PART CLEANER allows for water-based VOC-free cleaning of parts without the need of solvents and regenerates its cleaning capacity with natural micro-organisms. The employee and the environment are protected from highly volatile vapors, which cause skin, eye and breathing irritations. ...

Foam Cleaner

FOAM CLEANER easily removes any problem non-hardened PU-foam on all surfaces. FOAM CLEANER is the easy way to clean your gun.


Kleenspray-S is easy to apply, quick acting and economical in use. Thanks to its jet spray, KLEENSPRAY-S offers efficient cleaning in difficult to reach locations. It degreases and cleans metal, glass, ceramics, textiles and many plastics from oily and greasy soiling. Contrary to thinners, Kleenspra...


MEGACLEAN is a strong cleaner and solvent. MEGACLEAN is an ideal etching agent before glueing, for lacquers ans reparations. MEGACLEAN is an excellent diluent for epoxys. MEGACLEAN works as a fluid abrasive on most lacquers and synthetic materials. MEGACLEAN is superstrong and evaporates quickly.

Nova Wipe

NOVA WIPES are efficient cleaning cloths that are easy to take on location. They are packed in a handy packing, you do not need water, soap or solvents. NOVA WIPE removes most persistent contaminations on smooth surfaces.

Novacare Leather Cleaner

NOVACARE LEATHER CLEANER is a cleaning, degreasing cream specially designed to clean and maintain leather. NOVACARE LEATHER CLEANER can be applied to all types of leather, even synthetic leather. NOVACARE LEATHER CLEANER has a pleasant almond odour and can be spread out easily.

Novafuel Parts Cleaner

NOVAFUEL PARTS CLEANER is a strong but safe cleaner for manual use. Due to its composition of high performance components, this powerful cleaner can be used for the removal of common oxidation and pollution of parts. Preventative cleaning of the EGR valve prevents ‘an emergency stop’. After rem...


NOVAIR is a unique high pressure system in aerosol packing. NOVAIR is completely dry and leaves no residue or film. By turning the can upside down, NOVAIR can be used as a freezing spray.


NOVELEC is a powerful contact cleaner which does not contain any chlorinated solvents. NOVELEC evaporates quickly and does not leave any residues behind on the surface. NOVELEC does not cause any corrosion on contacts or components. If used for synthetic materials, test in advance.


NOVELEC-S is a contact and surface cleaner which does not contain any chlorinated solvents, but which has a simular action as chlorinated solvents. NOVELEC-S cleans powerfully within seconds and leaves a pure, instantly dry surface. NOVELEC-S is safe to use on electric and electronic contacts - even...


OXI-REMOVER is a powerful, fast working and very safe oxidation remover. OXI-REMOVER removes oxidation on silver, lead, copper, iron. OXI-REMOVER works faster and safer than most current products. OXI-REMOVER removes oxidation spots caused by barbecue, garden-chairs, parasol foot, radiator stains, n...

Pneumatic Tool Cleaner

PNEUMATIC TOOL CLEANER has been specially developed to give pneumatic equipment a longer lifespan. PNEUMATIC TOOL CLEANER cleans all pneumatic equipment, with the result that these get blocked less quickly. PNEUMATIC TOOL CLEANER lubricates and protects the machine so that it has a better yield. PNE...


POWERSOLV is a unique solvent based on alcohols, esters and glycols. POWERSOLV has the unique property of dissolving both water and solvent based products. This makes POWERSOLV universally applicable and prevents guesswork and time-consuming tests. POWERSOLV will not attack most synthetic mate...

Safety Clean

SAFETY CLEAN is a safe and fast multipurpose solvent-degreaser that leaves no oily film. SAFETY CLEAN is a 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent that contains no reclyded solvents. SAFETY CLEAN is safe in use on most plastics as well as on painted surfaces, vinyl en glass.

Safety Clean Gel

SAFETY CLEAN GEL is a safe and versatile degreaser in gel form also for use in vertical applications. It removes adhesives, sealants, silicones, oil, grease, wax, tar, paraffin, printing ink, etc. SAFETY CLEAN GEL is aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent with the addition of lime ext...

Strip Off

STRIP OFF is a quick and efficient stripper that avoids the need for sanding, brushing and cutting away. Due to its effective composition, STRIP OFF removes paint, varnish, glue, tar, carbon deposits, packaging, etc. Because STRIP OFF does not drip, it can be applied sparsely and economically on ver...


UNI-PASTE is a cleaning paste that does not scratch soft materials. UNI-PASTE quickly removes dirt, oxidation and even rust. After polishing, UNI-PASTE leaves a protective layer, which is resistant to moisture, oxidation and carbonic acid. UNI-PASTE gives a marvellous gloss effect.

Wheel Cleaner

WHEEL CLEANER is a professional cleaner for steel and light metal rims. WHEEL CLEANER is fast and effective at removing brake fl uid, oil, fat, tar, ... WHEEL CLEANER contains a purple colour indicator which fades away when the action is complete and the acids are neutralised. WHEEL CLEANER can b...

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