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Tech-Masters offers strong solutions for industry

In industrial production, every process and every move must be right. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, a strong and innovative partner is required who can respond to even the most diverse requirements of industrial companies with their complex production processes. You have found such a partner in TECH-MASTERS!

Find out more about our strong products here and discover everything you need to know to make your choice. We are happy to advise you personally and support you in your decision. Simply book an appointment with one of our dedicated sales representatives and be impressed by the innovative solutions of TECH-MASTERS in a product demo.

Innovation for optimal results

Companies from a wide variety of industries benefit from the innovative power of this internationally operating company. TECH-MASTERS impresses with suitable solutions for the metal, construction and automotive industries as well as for the chemical industry. Simply and efficiently, TECH-MASTERS products can also be precisely applied in places that are often difficult to access and can be used in a variety of different materials. Even stubborn dirt - from oils and greases to glue residues and tar - disappear quickly with TECH-MASTERS products on various materials such as metal parts, glass, ceramics, plastics etc. Even sensitive surfaces are not damaged.
In addition to liquid cleaning agents, gel, paste, spray or foam are also available, depending on the area of ​​application.

High-tech solutions for all requirements

From high-tech assembly adhesives to universal adhesives to highly effective and powerful industrial degreasers, TECH-MASTERS offers a wide range of products for cleaning and maintenance in all areas of industry and manufacturing.

Many of the products are ideal for preparing surfaces for later production steps. Both simple cleaning and intensive degreasing as well as the removal of oils and tar can be done efficiently with TECH-MASTERS products. Even places that are hard to reach can be easily cleaned due to the innovative design of some products.

No fire hazard with solutions from Tech-Masters


Particular care should be taken when cleaning electrical and electronic equipment. In addition to quick and thorough cleaning, it is important to pay attention to fire safety. TECH-MASTERS has cleaners and solvents for that purpose that are not flammable due to their composition and that are also suitable for safe use on electrical and electronic equipment connected to a power source. The right product from TECH-MASTERS can also be used to clean and degrease electrical contacts that are under voltage - even under a high voltage of up to 22.6 kV - high-voltage insulators and telecommunication systems.

Strong intensive cleaning

Above all, purity is the top priority wherever food is used. Thus, TECH-MASTERS also offers biodegradable intensive cleaners, amongst a large range of cleaning experts, that optimally demonstrate their impact in the fight against oil and fat residues in factory kitchens. You can rely on the intensive cleaners of TECH-MASTERS especially for the removal of heavy pollution around the suction units and on the ceilings and walls around the hob and look forward to the best cleaning results. But that's not all: The power of the intensive cleaner is also used in the removal of separating agents and plastic residues from tools and moulds in the plastics industry, as well as in manual and mechanical cleaning in the metal industry. The intensive cleaner also provides perfect cleaning results when it comes to the maintenance of machines. In addition, it is also an effective alternative to solvents prior to painting.

Have we piqued your interest?

You now know a small part of our large product range. If we were able to awaken your interest in our products, we look forward to hearing from you. Further product information, application notes and much more await you.