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Health and safety

The safety and protection product category includes many different products that make cleaning easier and ensure your personal hygiene protection. In addition, there are products for hearing and respiratory protection as well as occupational safety. Our products help to ensure the personal safety and health of our customers.

Browse our product range or simply ask our sales representatives for more information.

Bacto Clean Gel

BACTO CLEAN GEL is exceptionally gentle to the skin. It is free of cumulating long-term active ingredients which might have an irritating or sensitizing effect on the skin. In addition, BACTO CLEAN GEL contains high-quality emollients for skin-care to protect the skin against de...


BREEZE is a highly concentrated, water soluble, highly long lasting, liquid deodorant concentrate. BREEZE eliminates undesirable odors and is non-staining.

Breeze Clip

BREEZE CLIP is a unique patent pending material that contains 50x more air freshener that standard rimsticks. BREEZE CLIP will not dissolve in or pollute water. BREEZE CLIP gradually releases air freshener over 30+ days. The ladies restroo...

Breeze Mat

BREEZE MAT contains the patented technology of a 30 day urinal air freshener/deodorizer, with splash elimination. BREEZE MAT eliminates bad odours. It doesn´t just mask, but it releases optimized bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate bad odours at the source and cut cleaning time in half...

Breeze Neutro

BREEZE NEUTRO is a state-of-the-art concentrated malodor neutralizer that works through a process known as molecular encapsulation. BREEZE NEUTRO‘s unique ability to attack and neutralize odor molecules effectively eliminates malodors.


CLEANY removes grease, tar, oil, paint, bitumen, ... quickly and simply. CLEANY prevents skin irritation - dry and chapped hands due to its skin-friendly abrasive (polybeads). CLEANY can be used without water. CLEANY does not block drains, is environmentally friendly and biologically degradable.

Dust Mask

DUST MASKS according to EN 149 are suitable for filtration of breathing air containing solid, liquid and aerosol media. Please refer to your given local laws for the right breathing protection. Masks according to EN 149 are classified in 3 classes depending on the ability to separate airborne parti...

Ear Protect Adapt

Ear protect adapt contours ear plugs come in regular and small size to fit smaller ear canals for enhanced noise protection features. The same exceptional comfort that comes from the unique curved design of contours is now available for women and other workers with smaller ear canals. The contours f...

Ear Protect Bow

Ear Protect Bow and Ear Protect Head Set are ideal partners for use in moderate to high noise environments. The Ear Protect Bow model allows for comfortable and quick safety noise protection in lite to moderate noise environments. Where the Ear Protect Head Set will keep you protected and safe ...

Eye Protect Pro & Easy

Both safety goggles whether blue/clear or visitor design offer unique safety features that are required in modern working environments and will give you the confidence to help protect employees in a productive and safe work place.

Gloves CO

Fine knitted cotton gloves have sufficient tensile strength for lite-duty protection. These are manufactured from 100% cotton inside-material and nylon outside with rubber knobbing for best grip. As per industry and usage they eliminate irritation despite long period of wear and allow the circul...

Gloves GLC

Heavy duty working gloves stand up to heavy duty and rugged wear. Good protection from cuts, scrapes and abrasions. They also feature reinforced leather finger tips and knuckle straps for extra protection. Additionally they show cotton lined palms for comfort and sweat absorption.

Gloves Latex

Latex gloves provide an exceptional balance of performance, comfort and durability for any working environment. These disposable latex gloves are industrial grade, 100% natural latex material, and offer flexibility, sensitivity and strength. They are available as lightly powered for an easy on...

Gloves NA

Kidskin assembly gloves show excellent grip and snug fit properties which allow for detailed and direct assembly and mounting applications. Due to the high quality softened kidskin material no hand fatigue or perspiration effects occur potentially leading to less worker performance or less comfor...

Gloves Nitrile

Nitrile gloves are a type of disposable glove made of synthetic rubber. They contain no latex and offer excellent resistance to wear and tear. Nitrile gloves are more puncture resistant than many other types of rubber gloves and can be used to offer superior resistance to many types of chemicals....

Gloves NY

Unique coating of the gloves channels oils and liquids to enhance gripping power and offers excellent cut, abrasion, and tear resistance without sacrificing dexterity and sense of touch.

Gloves PU

Unique coating of the gloves channels oils and liquids to enhance gripping power and offers excellent cut, abrasion, and tear resistance without sacrificing dexterity and sense of touch.


MAGIC is specially unique and developed to remove pollution, oil, grease, ink etc. for wide range of industrial application such as garages, metal manufacturing, machine operating etc. The abrasives rub the dirt, but do not harm the skin.

Magic Care

MAGIC CARE is a silicon free skin protection and regenaertion cream used during and especially after work. MAGIC CARE supports the recovery of the natural lipid barrier of the skin. It is an excellent moisturizer and protects the skin from drying and roughness. ...

Magic Pro

MAGIC PRO is specially developed for removing paint, oil based paint, glue, resin, printing ink and lacquer. Due to the addition of the natural oil, also oils and grease is easy to remove from the skin. MAGIC PRO is ideal for use in body repair shops, garages, paint workshops and printing industri...

Magic Protect

MAGIC PROTECT water-soluble is a silicon free barrier cream. It prevents the skin against contact eczema and irritations caused by contact with cleaning products, paints, oil, fat, grease solvents etc. MAGIC PROTECT water-soluble passed a human patch test with the rating “very good“. ...

Magic Soap

MAGIC SOAP is a mild cleaning lotion for daily use. It has a pleasant fragrance and is highly concentrated. It is economical in use as only a small amount is necessary to receive a good cleaning effect. The pleasant grapefruit fragrance remains for a long time on hands after...


NOVAPATCH is a self-adhesive, haemostatic bandage that can be applied on wet or even dirty hands. NOVAPATCH is manufactured of coton that is impregnated in a disinfectant and haemostatic product.

Novapatch Detectable

NOVAPATCH DETECTABLE is a blue, self-adhesive and haemostatic bandage with a piece of metal strip. This strip ensures that the finger bandage is detectable when it is lost in the food. Even the smallest particle can’t pass the sophisticated detector. NOVAPATCH DETECTABLE is manufactured of pure ...

Room Fresh

ROOM FRESH is a further addition to our “green” line of air freshener products. It outperforms gel, wicks, and aerosol products. ROOM FRESH reminds you when to change it – no more guessing, just pull off the week and month tabs to show when it needs to be replaced; consistent odor control – b...

Rub & Go

RUB & GO is a creamy foaming cleaner, solvent-free, for hand-washing without water and without drying. Thanks to its pocket-size packaging ideal for washing hands on the job or during any work outside like e.g. plumbers, carpenters, car mechanics, firemen, florists, gardeners, etc. Bus, motor c...

Safety Boots

SAFETY BOOTS was created to sanitize all types of footwear and helmets made in the most varied materials. SAFETY BOOTS removes mold and bacteria in just 5 minutes and has a pleasant fragrance for a long time. SAFETY BOOTS is a combination of molecules with active sanitizing based on quaternary am...

Uni Skin

UNI SKIN is a mixture of tenside soft to the skin, water, dispersing agents and skin protection oils with a non-polluting propellant. By adding liposome the structure of the surface and the moisture of the skin are improved.

Wasp & Fly Trap

WASP & FLY TRAP is a wasp and fly trap based on food flavours. The trap is used to detect wasps (vespula spp.) and flies (musca spp.) and should primarily be used outdoors. WASP & FLY TRAP is filled witha special bait liquid, which has a low odor and is immediately active at all temperature...

Wasp Ex

WASP EX is a spray to control wasps and their lavae. Due to its special composition, WASP EX achieves an extremely strong immediate and lasting effect. With WASP EX, both adult wasps and their larvae on and in the nest can be successfully and safely controlled. The formula stuns the wasps and br...

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