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Underway with TECH-MASTERS

Transportation companies operate within wide networks. Other people and companies rely on them as well as on-time goods delivery. Therefore, most transportation companies work under huge time constraints. Therefore, products that support them in their work and on which they can rely 100% are vital. TECH-MASTERS is the right partner for your transportation business. Not only do we supply you with reliable, innovative products, but we can also be reached by phone if you are having difficulty using a product or if it has been used up early. This ensures you will never face delays and allows you to remain on schedule.
A partnership with TECH-MASTERS pays off in each and every way.

The network in the background

Behind every successful transportation company stands a well-practised office team, which although it remains in the background, is responsible for organisation, time management, accounting and much more. To work efficiently here, it is crucial not to waste time unnecessarily with unscheduled cleaning, however brief. Rely on TECH-MASTERS products - because our innovative products not only save you time, but also money. Whether it’s wiping down computer monitors, keyboards, desk tops or descaling the coffee machine: Whatever the issue, TECH-MASTERS has the right product that will make cleaning and maintenance easier for you so that you can remain focused on the important work.

Completely happy with TECH-MASTERS


Trucks are equipped with heavy-duty tarpaulins. Nevertheless, small cracks or holes may still form due to sharp objects, abrupt braking manoeuvres or other acts of carelessness. However, repair is definitely worthwhile as these truck tarpaulins are printed with the company logo making new purchases particularly expensive. The only question is: How do you stick a tarpaulin back together, which is exposed to temperature fluctuations and the weather, and still has to endure a lot? TECH-MASTERS has developed tapes and adhesive rolls for a wide range of applications: Extremely elastic, adaptable, temperature- and weather-resistant and, above all, highly adhesive, these little helpers will help you with many repairs.

Ensuring it runs like a well-oiled machine

A transportation company normally has many vehicles on the road: Trucks, company cars, forklifts, etc. Since the engines of these vehicles are used a lot, they need appropriate care to stay efficient for longer. At TECH-MASTERS you will find lubricants for all areas. These are always tuned to the highest standards, allowing you to get the best possible results and your machines to remain functional for a long time.
For extra protection, we recommend our protective and lubricating compounds, which are ideal for protecting both surfaces and individual parts that are exposed to heavy loads from wear. This extends the life of machines many times over - saving you not only time for repairs, but also a lot of money.

Protected surfaces with TECH-MASTERS

Trucks have a variety of surfaces: Fabric, rubber, plastic, metal. And all these surfaces have to be cleaned and cared for. TECH-MASTERS offers you products that both clean and protect surfaces. These impregnate materials, making them water and dirt repellent and requiring less cleaning. Even rubber parts remain supple with the right products, signs of wear vanish, gaskets do not become porous. Even truck tarpaulins and other plastic parts on vehicles can be cleaned and maintained efficiently with TECH-MASTERS innovative products. Weather conditions such as rain, snow, frost or strong sunshine no longer have a chance. Even distressed aluminium and zinc parts can be made attractive and shiny again by simply applying suitable products.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

Haven’t found the right application for your daily business? Or has your business come up with a specific problem for which you have not yet found the right product?
Then feel free to contact us! Let’s find the solution together! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.