Schulen und Kindergärten
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Research and educational institutions rely on TECH-MASTERS

Research facilities such as laboratories and educational institutions such as schools, kindergartens or universities depend on strict hygiene, but they are also required to ensure that the detergents they use are not too aggressive. After all, these facilities are designed to last for many years. That’s why detergents and other cleaning products have to be gentle on floors and surfaces, but at the same time, they need to of course clean thoroughly.
If you are still looking for these exact products, then TECH-MASTERS is the right choice.

Tech-Masters ensures schools and kindergartens stay in good shape

It’s a fair assumption that you wouldn’t necessarily think of schools and kindergartens when you think of TECH-MASTERS products. But these institutions in particular feature a range of applications that depend on the very special properties of our detergents and other cleaning products. As in all sectors, we’d be delighted to advise you on the selection and handling of your products. Our sales representatives will put together the perfect product selection for you.

Suitable products for small and large requirements

In schools, kindergartens, nurseries and crèches, one place in particularly is especially important: the sanitary facilities. Not only because children need to go more often, but also because toilets and sinks are also home to some of the most diverse pathogens which can be easily spread by children's hands. Therefore, effective antibacterial and gentle cleaning is required. The special cleaners of TECH-MASTERS can be used in pure form for the removal of scale, mineral residues and limescale or applied diluted on heavily soiled surfaces and foamed directly on the dirt.
The cleaners suitable for schools and kindergartens are also HACCP-compliant.

Little mishaps are commonplace in schools or kindergartens, with vomit, urine or other liquids potentially ending up on the floor. That does not matter if you have the right product at hand. At TECH-MASTERS you’re guaranteed to find the right product.

Gentle cleaning: Tech-Masters liberates you from dirt and bacteria

Schulen und Kindergärten

Children's hands want to discover and explore so everything is handled with these little hands - sometimes cleaner than others. Hospitals are also home to many bacteria and germs with which you do not necessarily want to be infected. Here, TECH-MASTERS offers special hand disinfection products that are bactericidal, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal and virucidal according to EN 14476, but also very mild. Their special formula nourishes the skin and has a moisturising effect.

Effective help in the fight against mould, bacteria and unpleasant odours

Unpleasant odours are caused by mould and bacteria. They particularly like to gather in places with high humidity and little fresh air supply, as is often the case in changing rooms of sports facilities, schools, universities or the staff cloakrooms of research institutes. However, commercial air fresheners are not effective at minimising these odours. On the contrary, these only mask the smell and do not treat its causes. Now bacteria and mould don’t stand a chance thanks to specially designed products from TECH-MASTERS which are also extremely easy to use.


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? No problem! Simply book an appointment with our sales staff. They are happy to answer your questions or suggest a suitable product. Of course, you can always book an appointment for a product demonstration. We are guaranteed to have the right product for you and your sector.