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Cleaning companies like to work with TECH-MASTERS

Professional cleaning companies are responsible for ensuring cleanliness from floor to ceiling in schools, office buildings, industrial plants, hotels and other businesses. But at the same time, as a cleaning company, the last thing you want is to expose your employees to the toxic fumes from chemical cleaners and aggressive cleaning agents on a daily basis. In order to find a compromise that works well for all concerned, look no further than the products of TECH-MASTERS. We offer innovative formulas and technologies that not only clean efficiently, but also maintain surfaces in the same work process and are also natural and non-toxic to your employees and the environment.

Floor care even in the farthest corner

Cleaning of floor space is probably one of the most time consuming jobs of cleaning and maintenance companies. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, one cleaner is often used for all types of flooring. Unfortunately, this often causes floors to lose their lustre or become dull over time as the cleaners used are simply too aggressive. Wood, parquet, tile or carpet floors have very different requirements and, in addition, floors should be cleaned and maintained differently depending on the degree of wear. Aggressive cleaners should not be used here. The special feature of TECH-MASTERS floor cleaning products is that they always contain a nourishing or protective component - cleaning, care and protection in a single step. This saves a lot of time and money.

For example, TECH-MASTERS supplies a floor cleaner that does not just remove the dirt, but lifts it up, making it easy to wipe away. Carpets are cleaned with a special cleaning foam which also protects them against new dirt. The tiles of sanitary rooms quickly build up limescale which makes them unsightly. Clean them with TECH-MASTERS products to remove limescale and protect them from new limescale.

Clean, streak-free windows offer the best view

Reinigung und Instandhaltung

Whether office buildings, hotels, restaurants, industrial and production companies, schools, kindergartens or hospitals - everywhere there are windows that require regular cleaning. Cleaning companies rely on TECH-MASTERS to ensure this work gets done quickly. We have special cleaners that make windows and other smooth surfaces shine in no time at all. Innovative formulas ensure that no annoying streaks remain, which would then have to be removed by tiresome polishing. Mirrors and tiles are also impregnated during cleaning - so dirt and water splashes no longer leave their mark.

Desks and office furniture - dust-free in a single pass

In office buildings, desks, computer monitors, keyboards, and similar surfaces are cleaned of dust and dirt daily by cleaning staff from professional cleaning companies. Aggressive cleaners should not be used to prevent damage to screens. Special agents from TECH-MASTERS and a lint-free cloth make this so simple. Even keyboards and desks can be easily cleaned and dusted. Almost in a single pass.
For the sanitary, living and meeting rooms, we recommend our special air freshener products, which are both discreet and effective. They can be placed invisibly almost anywhere and emit a pleasant and unobtrusive fragrance for at least 30 days.

Maintenance and servicing made easy

Maintenance and servicing is either done by cleaning companies or the janitor in charge. This includes, for example, the lubrication of doors and windows, minor repairs, the care of sensitive surfaces or the descaling of coffee machines and kettles. That's why TECH-MASTERS offers innovative lubricants suitable for many materials, versatile tapes, surface cleaners and protectors, descalers and many other innovative maintenance products. Choose the right product from our wide assortment. Of course we can also advise you when making your selection.

Have we piqued your interest?

As you can see, our product range is very extensive. And that's just a glimpse of what we do. Whether you’re a cleaning company, maintenance company, caretaker or similar: at TECH-MASTERS we offer many industries innovative products and flexible solutions.
We are happy to advise you personally in one of our product demos. We’re looking forward to your enquiry.