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Professional cleaning agent for retail

When we talk about retail, we mean big and small department stores, food retailers, but also DIY stores, drugstores, pharmacies and furniture stores. They all have one thing in common: They want to sell products! To succeed, they want to offer their customers a unique shopping experience. Of course, this also includes clean sales areas, toilets, corridors and lifts. That's why retailers rely on the expertise of TECH-MASTERS and our products. Innovation, flexibility, sustainability and strength are reflected not only in our corporate philosophy, but also in our product range. Trust in TECH-MASTERS.

Basic cleaning with TECH-MASTERS products

Basic cleaning covers activities such as wiping floors, cleaning windows, cleaning sanitary facilities and dusting. For these very different activities you need different products with different ingredients and properties. For example, to clean the floors regularly, use our floor cleaner, which lifts the dirt off the surface. Special sprays and foams allow windows to be cleaned quickly without leaving streaks. Our limescale cleaner not only cleans sanitary facilities, it also impregnates surfaces at the same time, preventing them from getting dirty again to quickly. Dusting is just as quick with our lint-free and antistatic cloths.

Put an end to germs in the air conditioning completely!

Many department stores, grocery stores or hardware stores are now built using a large hall design. This is cheap and saves space. But it also has the disadvantage that these halls heat up very quickly in the summer and therefore have to be cooled with air conditioning. These air conditioners require regular cleaning and maintenance so they do not become “germ factories”. Moisture accumulates frequently in the devices during winter downtime, especially if the systems are only used in summer. This provides ideal breeding grounds for the development of bacteria and fungi. When switched on again, they emit a noticeable, bad odour, and distribute microorganisms at the same time throughout the room air. This can trigger allergies or even illnesses. Therefore, be sure to disinfect your air conditioning, room ventilation or heating regularly with the reliable hygienic cleaners from TECH-MASTERS.

Subtle scents for more shopping pleasure


Fragrances stimulate our subconscious and influence our emotional state. This fact is not unknown in the retail, but - quite the contrary - used deliberately to direct the purchasing decisions of customers. Fashion houses, for example, try to create a pleasant atmosphere through certain odours during shopping and also in the changing rooms. The same is true of furniture stores and hardware stores, which make use of our sense of smell and its strong connection to the subconscious.
TECH-MASTERS room fresheners allow you to create a pleasant, relaxed shopping atmosphere for your customers. They come in different scents and formats, so you’ll definitely find the right one for you.

No more trouble with wall murals

Has this happened to you too? Many cities are plagued by so-called graffiti on the exteriors of shops and businesses, most of which is not exactly fine art. To prevent this from destroying the image of your company, graffiti can easily be removed with the specially designed cleaner from TECH-MASTERS. Simply spray on and then wash off. Easily remove paint, ink, permanent markers, pens, nail polish, and glue.

Simply streak free

Food retail often makes use of large glass showcases in the frozen food section. Fashion stores have display areas to showcase their products. These glass surfaces must be cleaned daily so that they do not become unsightly due to fingerprints or rain or obscure the customer's view of the goods. Use our glass cleaners to achieve the best results by simply wiping the surface. This can be done quickly together with our lint-free cloths.

Have we piqued your interest?

Of course we’d love the chance to present more of our diverse range of products. Arrange an appointment for a personal consultation or product demonstration. We’re looking forward to your enquiry.