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TECH-MASTERS offers a complete range of technical adhesive tapes for use in taping, fastening and floor marking. Our tapes feature a variety of special properties and can be adapted to your requirements - whether you need an adhesive tape that can stretch up to 300%, one that sticks under water or one to safely insulate electrical connections.

At TECH-MASTERS you’re guaranteed to find the right product. Just browse through our range or make an appointment with one of our sales representatives.

Butalu Tape

BUTALU is a sealing tape which consists of a modified butyl rubber body and a complex aluminium support reinforced with synthetic material, and a silicon protective film. Due to the unique composition of the butyl rubber mass, a very high initial adhesion is obtained. The extreme flexible rubber ma...


BUTASEAL is a double-sided adhesive and sealing band on roll. BUTASEAL remains flexible and does not harden due to its unique composition based on modified butylene rubbers. BUTASEAL offers a very high immediate bonding strength, even on materials that are difficult to bond. Due to its f...

Double Fix HT

DOUBLE FIX HT is a polyester carrier based tape with an aggressive acrylic adhesive used for mounting of different types of plastics. The product is also available with a second transparent polyester liner. Construction: - Modified acrylic adhesive - Carrier: White polyester - Modified ac...

Double Fix MSE

DOUBLE FIX MSE TAPE is especially designed for permanent bonding in interior and exterior applications. DOUBLE FIX MSE TAPE can replace reveting, welding, liquid glues and other permanent fasteners. DOUBLE FIX MSE TAPE is suitable for various kinds of substances, such as metal, wood, glass and ma...

Expansion Tape

EXPANSION TAPE is a compressed swelling tape for storm-resistant sealing, with a polymer impregnation for long-term stability. The BG1 classification of EXPANSION TAPE guarantees complete wind and water tightness (driving rain) up to wind force 11 at a building height of 100 metres. In addition, EXP...

Fix Tape

FIX TAPE is a general purpose duct tape with strong inital tack and a good adhesive power. FIX TAPE is suitable for any adhesion on smooth or rough surfaces such as stainless steel, glass, wood or polyethylene. FIX TAPE can be used for repairing and construction work, etc.


HCS-TAPE is a double-sided adhesive tape. It has been specially developed for industrial use. The tape has high adhesive power on various plastics and types of metals and is anchored in the base material. The polyester carrier ensures a very stable and strong tape by which stretching and shrinking ...

High Tech Tape

HIGH TECH TAPE is a tape that can guarantee structural bonding and is made of a closed cell structure and consequently is 100% liquid proof. HIGH TECH TAPE has a high chemical resistance. HIGH TECH TAPE is very good temperature resistant in negative as well as positive temperature fluctuations....

High Tech Tape Transparent

HIGH TECH TAPE TRANSPARENT is specially developed for permanent bonding and can be used indoor as well as outdoor. HIGH TECH TAPE TRANSPARENT can be used to bond all sorts of materials, like metal, glass, wood and different kinds of plastics. HIGH TECH TAPE TRANSPARENT has a very good connectio...


HL-FIX is a high-quality Velcro system woven of 100% polyamide and is provided with an acrylate adhesive water-based layer. Due to the fine weaving structure, HL-FIX shows no elongation or shrinkage, and can therefore also be applied on uneven surfaces. HL-FIX has a very high tensile strain. Yet i...


HL-FIX BT is a very fine polypropylene HL-Fix for tying and bundling. This special technology allows for a low peeling force resistance, which guarantees user friendliness that directly opposes its high tensile strength. The soft finish respects the most sensitive materials and even plants. Its...

Nova Antiskid Tape

NOVA ANTISKID TAPE is a semi vulcanised quality rubber on a PVC film, provided of an acrylate glue. NOVA ANTISKID TAPE is highly temperature resistant by positive or negative fluctuation of temperature. NOVA ANTISKID TAPE has no water absorbing capacity.

Nova Clear Tape

NOVA CLEAR TAPE is a high quality, transparent polyurethane film with acrylic glue. NOVA CLEAR TAPE adheres to most synthetics, lacquers, types of metal,... and protects against rust, grit, scratches, friction, vibration,... NOVA CLEAR TAPE is 100% transparent and can be moulded and painted.

Nova Pro Tape

NOVA PRO TAPE is a tape that is specially developed to protect cable trees, cable hoses, pipes and tubes manually. The tape has a good temperature resistance and is sound-insulating. NOVA PRO TAPE resists ageing and rotting. Thanks to the woolly textile and very thin structure of NOVA PRO TAPE ov...

Nova Structural Tape

NOVA STRUCTURAL TAPE is a high quality, polymeric vinylfilm that protects weak spots against rubble, scratches, rust, ... NOVA STRUCTURAL TAPE protects against wear by vibration and friction. NOVA STRUCTURAL TAPE adheres to the smoothest plastics, lacquers, aluminium, stainless steel, anodised alu...

Novatex Tape

NOVATEX-TAPE is a woven cloth tape, provided with a polyethylene protection and a strong adhesive coating. NOVATEX-TAPE is easy to tear, also lengthwise.

Novatex Tape HM

NOVATEX-TAPE HM is a fine woven textile tape provided with a strong Hot-melt glue, with a very high immediate adhesive power. NOVATEX-TAPE HM is easy to tear, even lengthwise.

Power Fix LSE

POWER FIX LSE is a double sided tape which combines an excellent internal strength at elevated temperatures with a good tack and an extremely high ultimate adhesion to various substrates. The polyester fabric provides strength and makes the tape tearable by hand. POWER FIX LSE is very well suite...

Safety Grip Tape

SAFETY GRIP TAPE with high adhesion, is ideal for anti-slip protection on smooth surfaces. SAFETY GRIP TAPE can be used for both industrial applications as for home, both indoor and outdoor.

Seal & Bond Foamtape

SEAL & BOND FOAMTAPE is a double -sided tape that is made up of a white, closed polyethylene foam, covered with acrylate glue. SEAL & BOND FOAMTAPE has a high immediate adhesive power and very good anti-tearing strength.


SEALTAPE is the most versatil repair tape for emergencies and all-purpose repairs. Just by stretching and wrapping it around an object onto itself, it will quickly and easily create a permanent airtight, waterproof seal in just seconds! It can even be used on dirty and wet surfaces. It will remain...

Sensor Tape

THE SENSOR TAPE protects sensors during bodywork. Pre-cut and with handy tab for easy application and invisible removal.


STRIPFIX is a synthetic, pressure-sensitive rubber/resin adhesive and sealant. It has been designed to provide a highly aggressive bond between a wide variety of materials and substrates. STRIPFIX can be used immediately on clean, dry and non-porous surfaces. STRIPFIX is excellent for bonding “dif...


TEX-TAPE is premium grade 70 mesh TAPE with an aggressive adhesive formula. TEX-TAPE makes it suitable for repairing and construction work, etc.

Transfer Fix

TRANSFER FIX is an assembly aid tape. The adhesive can be transferred to most contacted shapes. TRANSFER FIX is repositionable and offers an excellent holding power and shear resistance.

Two Way Tape

TWO WAY TAPE consists of a 0.8 mm black, cross-linked, closed cell, polyethylene foam, coated on both sides with an acrylic adhesive. TWO WAY TAPE offers very high adhesive and cohesive properties, with the possibility of repositioning. TWO WAY TAPE has a high holding power and an excellent resi...

Vulcanova Tape

A conformable, self-amalgamating tape based on polyisobutylene, colour black. VULCANOVA TAPE can also be used for protection against corrosion on metal pipework. Electrical properties show a high degree of stability under conditions of use. The tape is also highly resistant to prolonged immersion ...

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