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Tech-Masters in catering and the hotel industry

As in the food industry, the hygiene rules are very strict in catering and the hotel industry. Cleaning agents, but also coolants or lubricants must be HACCP-compliant so that they are safe to use. Catering and hotel businesses in particular have to not only make sure that the products used comply with the legal requirements, but would also want to use products that don’t damage the often very expensive surfaces of the facilities. TECH-MASTERS is the ideal partner for this. With us, you will find products that not only keep their promises, but that are also gentle on materials and the environment. Find out more here about our products and options!

Cleanliness for every kitchen


Stoves and barbecues are used almost daily in restaurants, bars or hotel kitchens. As a result,, they often look dirty due to dripping grease, burned-in food scraps and other signs of use which quickly make a stove look disgusting. To prevent this, TECH-MASTERS also has corresponding products in its range.

Extraction hoods are another equally big “battlefield”. These are always located directly above the cook top, so fine fat particles are transported with the steam upwards and then settle on the extractor hood. If this greasy film is not properly removed on a regular basis, it leaves behind a sticky layer of grease which is often very difficult to remove. But TECH-MASTERS offers products that make this task more than easy.

Floor cleaner for a wide variety of materials

Most hotels, and hotel rooms especially, have carpeted floors. These are very convenient as they dampen noise and help the hotel guests to sleep more peacefully but spilled drinks or other stains can quickly become a real challenge for the cleaning staff. To gently yet thoroughly clean carpets, you should use the TECH-MASTERS products and save time, money and nerves.
But it is not only carpets that need to be cleaned regularly as tiles, wood or parquet floors are also soiled heavily in hotels and restaurants. Of course, it’s important to use an effective and gentle cleaner.

Efficient insect protection made by TECH-MASTERS

Bakeries, cafes, restaurants and ice cream parlours are popular not only with guests in the summer, but also with wasps, flies or ants. These animals are not only annoying, but, due to their aggressiveness, are also a little dangerous . Therefore, an effective insect repellent in the summer months is a must. TECH-MASTERS products use an attractant based on food flavourings. The products are designed to catch only the insects that are especially attracted to them and are thus harmless to bees, bumblebees or similar.

Surprise your guests with natural scents

The sense of smell is the sense that is most strongly linked to our emotions. Smells arouse memories and affect how we feel. For the most part, aromas and odours affect us subconsciously, meaning that we do not consciously perceive them and yet they trigger certain feelings in us.
Take advantage of this phenomenon by offering your guests a warm welcome upon reception by adding a pleasant odour. With TECH-MASTERS products you can discreetly, invisibly and yet effectively influence the sense of smell. Be it the lobby, toilets, elevator or hallway, our innovative air fresheners can be used everywhere.
Our products are not only CFC-free but are also very economical with a service life of at least 30 days.

Clean from floor to ceiling

Whether you are looking for a suitable product to clean your kitchen, for floor cleaners, window cleaners, a HACCP-compliant lubricant for poultry shears or even a lobby freshener, feel free to contact us. We will advise you and suggest the right products for you.