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Flexible solutions for the most diverse requirements in everyday office life

Computer screen, keyboard, desk surface, copier, coffee maker, floor or sanitary facilities - even in offices, there are many areas that need cleaning. However, the respective materials have to constantly be taken care of and so expensive office equipment must not be damaged by aggressive cleaning agents.
At TECH-MASTERS we offer many different products for trade and industry. You will, of course, also find suitable products that make office life easier for you.

Our highly efficient products for your office

Who can’t relate? After some time, the laptop screen is totally smeared and dusty to the extent that you can see nothing at all in sunlight. Likewise, it might be that the glass surface on the copier is dirty so nothing can be scanned anymore. TECH-MASTERS offers different cleaners that remove dust and dirt quickly and streak-free. So that they can be used on sensitive surfaces, most TECH-MASTERS cleaners do not use abrasives.

A normal keyboard is home to more germs than a domestic toilet seat. It can also get dusty very quickly and cleaning is often difficult. Once again, TECH-MASTERS has the right product for you. Thanks to innovative compressed air technology and fast-drying substances, exceptional results can be achieved even here.

Fresh air for fresh momentum in the office

We offer various air freshening products to help freshen the air in open-plan offices, toilet facilities or copy rooms. With the latest materials, real fragrances and compact packaging, we have the right product for every problem. In addition to this, our air fresheners are designed to give you a pleasant and subtle fragrance for up to 30 days without disturbing you.

An office without a coffee machine? Unimaginable!


In almost every office there is a kitchen or at least a coffee machine, which should be cleaned or descaled from time to time. Our sales force can recommend various products to accomplish this that tackle limescale and dirt. Of course, these products are not only extremely effective in their application but are also - as required when used in close contact with food - HACCP-compliant and therefore harmless.
The regular descaling of kettles, coffee machines, pots and Co. not only delivers better (taste) results, but also saves time and energy.

Clean from the floor to the ceiling

In office buildings, not only the equipment s, but also the floor in corridors, offices and sanitary facilities are of course frequently used. In order to clean them efficiently yet gently, TECH-MASTERS offers the right cleaner for every requirement. Highly concentrated cleaners can be diluted with water, and are therefore very economical to use, or they are applied directly, which is ideal for heavy dirt. In addition, the various cleaners are not foamy and can also be used therefore in conjunction with high-pressure cleaners and floor cleaning machines.

For quick cleaning in between, special cleaning wipes with their lint-free and dust-free microfibres offer ideal properties. Whether windows, screens, phones or office furniture, these all-rounders can be used both dry and wet. They contain no abrasive or metallic fibres which means they can be used on sensitive or glossy surfaces. The towels can be easily washed in the washing machine.

Would you like to know more?


This is, of course, just an excerpt from our extensive product portfolio - there are many more applications for the TECH-MASTERS products.
Curious? Then just give us a call or write to us. We will provide you with more information and answer all your questions. Simply book an appointment with our sales staff. They will gladly show you which products are ideal for you and how to use them.