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Food production places special demands on Tech-Masters

In food production and in food processing companies, hygiene is especially important, both in the cleaning of machinery and equipment, in the lubrication of gears, threads, etc. as well as the constant hygiene of employees. TECH-MASTERS offers special products that are precisely adapted to these requirements. Find out more here or simply give us a call if you would like more information.
You are also welcome to book an appointment with our sales representatives to learn more about our products.

The special rules of food production are no problem for Tech-Masters

Foodstuffs are the ideal breeding ground for micro-organisms, germs and viruses. Therefore, strict hygiene regulations apply during production, processing, storage as well as during transport and sale. Companies work according to the HACCP concept, which identifies critical control points, prescribes a risk analysis and provides recommendations on how to act. Not only processes, but cleaning agents, lubricants and coolants must also be HACCP-compliant in the food processing industry.
For this reason, TECH-MASTERS offers special products that fulfil these requirements.

Efficient and environmentally conscious

Lebensmittel, Land- und Forstwirtschaft

In some food processing plants, machines and machine parts are heavily soiled by grease or oil. To remove these impurities quickly and effectively, we recommend special cleaners which are available either as a spray, gel or paste. Depending on your requirements, these are applied directly to the dirt, ensuring quick results.
The TECH-MASTERS products for food production are not only HACCP-compliant but also partially biodegradable. In addition to this, our products are very economical, making them not only economical in use but also environmentally friendly and therefore ideal for use in agriculture and forestry.

Tech-Masters ensures that everything runs like clockwork

To lubricate machines, threads, roller bearings or similar mechanical parts, special lubricants must also be used. Of course, in addition to excellent lubrication and protection properties, products for this sector must also be HACCP-compliant.

Would you like to learn more?

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