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We live and breathe innovation

There are those companies that pretend to be innovative, modern and up-to-date. And then there’s TECH-MASTERS. We are a company whose main mission is driving innovation. Innovation makes up our day-to-day business because our customers face challenges each and every day and it gives us great pleasure to grow while offering our customers added value.

The foundation of our innovative dynamism: our employees

One of the most important factors which allows companies to remain innovative is giving employees enough freedom to be creative. Employees understand products, customers and their requirements better than anyone else and so know what they need. This comes with the advantage of reducing the need for complex market analyses and so allows us to react faster to changing requirements.
We demand and support our employees in all areas: from basic training to advanced training including special events and excursions, team motivation remains our unwavering desire. Only motivated employees who enjoy their work can help the company to move forward.

Quality and the latest technologies


Quality remains key in our thoughts - at all levels in the company. This concept of quality must be embodied by the management and transferred to all sections. Pursuit of the highest levels of quality - in consultation, in our products but also in our approach to one another - is a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy.
In addition, the use of state-of-the-art technology and methodology ensures that both our products and processes remain as efficient as possible - allowing us to function as a competent business partner for our customers now and in the future.

The product range - versatile, flexible, innovative

Our product range has always been about providing tailor-made solutions for the diverse challenges that our customers face. We aim to be the preferred partner for all our customers in the industrial, commercial and automotive sectors. Our products undergo continuous improvement and quality control. This applies not only to their composition, but also to the packaging, the best application and handling. Please do not hesitate to contact us with customer suggestions or wishes. We are grateful for all feedback!

Precise implementation of innovation: the Eco Part Cleaner

The latest innovation in our product range is the Eco Part Cleaner. This biological parts cleaner enables highly effective and VOC-free cleaning. This special technology allows it to be used with all substances, which means it does not pose a risk of fire or personal injury. The microorganism-based, self-regenerating Eco Fluid removes oils, fats, silt, cutting and cooling agents, particulate matter and many other contaminants. The natural microorganisms decompose residues biologically. This allows the liquid to remain active for a long time. Adding an Eco Tab ensures the number of microorganisms remains constant for 4 to 6 weeks. This guarantees excellent, cost-effective and high-performance cleaning when compared to other conventional solvent-based systems.
The cleaning basin holds up to 100 kg and offers brushing, rinsing and soaking functions. The easy to clean, reusable filter system separates coarse and fine dirt.

Any questions?

Would you like to know more about TECH-MASTERS, our products or innovations? Then please contact us. We’re looking forward to your enquiry!