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Weld Wipes

WELD WIPES are soaked in pickling solution for stainless steel specification. It is ready to use. WELD WIPES are especially suitable for pickling TIG / MIG / electrode austenitic stainless steel              welds. After use, the clean area should be treated with the WELD NEUTRO, in order to neutralize and remove product residue.

  • Especially suitable for pickling TIG / MIG / electrode austenitic stainless steel welds.
  • Ready to use.
T134001Weld Wipes1 box
T134002Weld Neutro1l
Y875000Trigger Basic12pcs.
Y875002Standard Bottle 1l1 pc.

Color: colorless
Odor: strong
Physical state: wipe soaked liquid
pH of liquid solution: 1
Storage: Keep the product in a safe place and
in the original container.
Do not mix it with other products.
Shelf life: 2 years
Once the package is opened the wipes have
a duration of 4 months.

  • Apply the wipe along the weld, ensuring it adheres to the surface. Leave on for at least 10/15 minutes (depends of outside temperature and the quality of the weld).
  • Remove the WELD WIPES. Spray WELD NEUTRO on the worked surface to neutralize the acid residues.
  • Dry with blotting paper and close the Weld Wipes blister with the cover.