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Uni Skin

UNI SKIN is a mixture of tenside  soft to the skin,
water, dispersing agents and skin protection oils
with a non-polluting propellant. By adding liposome the structure of the surface and the moisture of the skin are improved.

  • A barrier foam which eases to clean your hands
  • Skin protection against water and water soluble chemicals such as drilling liquids, acids, caustics, disinfectants, cements etc.
  • Absorbs quickly and completely
  • No greasy film after application on the skin
  • No clogging of skin pores
  • Very efficient and economical
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Long durability
  • Dermatological tested
  • High proportion of protective liposome
  • The „Invisible glove“ eases the removal of strong adhering substances from  the skin such as oils, fats, graphite, metal dust, rust, glue, paints etc.
Article nrNameContent
T902400Uni Skin400ml

Appearance: foam/ aerosol
Colour: white
Odour: imperceptible
Relative density:  0,92g/ml
Skin irritation: No symptoms
pH value: 8,5

VOC g/l:100
Degradability: Biodegradable in part only
Shelf life: 12 month
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet

  • Application
    This product is applied in garages, chemical-working and mineral oil – working firms, that means practically in all firms where the protection of the skin is essential. This barrier hand foam protects against toxic and irritating agents of aggressive chemical substances, dirt, ink, colours, oil, detergents (for example washing and cleaning agents). This product is water-resistant, protects against solvents, acids, lyes, oils, tar, bitumen, ink, lacquers, colours, pigments, cement, lime, soot, adhesives as well as other building material belonging to this category.
  • Use
    Shake can well before use. Before starting to work spray it onto and massage it well into your hands. Don’t forget the thumbs and finger-tips. Allow to absorb for approx. 2 minutes, the foam penetrates into the pores of the skin
    and produces an invisible oil-free film. This prevents the penetration of lubricants or any kind of dirt into the skin and pores. After the job dirt can be washed up without any problems with warm water, only in case of persistent dirt washing with soap is necessary. This foam is dermatological approved.