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Ultimate Grease

ULTIMATE GREASE is an extra heavy duty
non-melt grease specially formulated from the highest quality paraffin base oils and special additives which enables it to withstand the heavy impact and pounding pressures of equipment operating under boundary conditions without splattering. The grease stays in place without pounding out of the fitting or bearing.

  • High Temperature Grease.  Will stay in place at extremely high temperatures, in excess of 290°C.
  • Clings to metal surfaces and coats them with an exclusive plating action.
  • Withstand high pressures and heavy shock load.
  • Strongly resists bleeding.  Exclusive anti-wear additives provide exceptionally long lasting performance.
  • Will not flush out by heavy rain. Provides complete, waterproof protection.
  • Offers excellent protection against rust, corrosion, and wear. 
  • Is resistant to most acids, weather, salt spray, steam, oxidation and dirt.
Article nrNameContent
T205001Ultimate Grease400g
T205005Ultimate Grease5kg
T205020Ultimate Grease20kg

Color:  Red
Odor:  Typical
Thickening agent: Bentonit (no mixing with other greases)
Specific Gravity: 0,87g/cm³
PH Factor:   n/a
Flammability: >100° ISO 3679
Dropping (Melting) Point: non
VKA: 3500 N
Water Resistance: Excellent 

Rust Resistance:  Excellent 
Acid Resistance:   Excellent.
Conductivity: Non-Conductive
NLGI Grade: 2.5 
Shelf life: 12 month, always keep the lid closed,
store under shade away from direct heat.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • ULTIMATE GREASE  is recommended for use in: plain and anti-friction bearings, sleeve bearings, universal joints, water pumps, wheel bearings, drive shafts, spines, chains, chassis, 5th wheels, king pins and disc brakes.
  • Reduces Downtime and maintenance labor because of smooth, cool performance.
  • Outperforms and outlasts conventional greases in everyday lubrication functions.  It is a lubricant formulated for the most severe operating conditions.
    Inventory is reduced with one superior quality, multi-purpose lubricant.
    Life of equipment is increased and maintenance costs reduced.