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Techno Primer

TECHNO PRIMER has been developed especially developed to improve adhesion on difficult materials such as synthetic materials based on
PP or PPE.
TECHNO PRIMER is used optimally in the automotive sector, for example for the adhesion promoter on bumpers and plastic parts for the application of paints and primers. You should always test the product before you apply it over large areas. Not suitable for very porous surfaces.

  • Excellent for very flexible synthetic materials
  • Ideal before application of paints and primers
  • It can be used for MS-, PU-  and MMM-adhesives and adhesives  tapes      
  • Easy application

Technical Information
Colour: Transparent
Drying time: 20-30 minutes at +20 ° C
Working temperature: +10 ° C
Autoinflammability: 435 ° C

Relative density: 0.90 + / -0.5%
Water solubility: NO
Storage: 18 months from date of manufacture
Keep in a cool and dry place

  •  Ideal for application on smooth surfaces and not very porous.
  • Clean the surfaces with MULTIFOAM or Safety Clean.
     Ensure surfaces are dry and free of dirt and grease.
     Shake the can for 2-3 minutes.
     Apply in thin layers.
     Observe the drying times and apply the adhesive (glue or tape).
  •  After use, turn the can to 360 ° and spray to clean the nozzle.