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Techno Polish PTFE

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Techno Polish PTFE is an efficient polish, easy to
apply that renews all types of paint. It’s excellent
for metallic and double layer and 2K. It can be
easily applied and removed. Eliminates all touch-up
traces.The PTFE contained forms a long-lasting, water-proof and scratch-resistant molecular protection film. It’s the ideal polish to give a final “as new” appearance to a repaired vehicle. It’s lightly abrasive, will not stain plastic parts, perfect for all paint finishes including single stage, clear coats and water-based paints.

  • Efficient polish, easy to apply.
  • Renews all types of paint (excellent for metallic and double layer and 2K).
  • Can be easily applied and removed. Eliminates all touch-up traces.

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Composition: An emulsified blend of waxes, Ptfe, additives and non aromatic solvents in water.
Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Pink
Viscosity: Medium
Odour: Characteristic

Stability: Protect from frost and store at room
Shelf Life: Minimum 18 months at ambient
temperature in a sealed container.

  • Body shops, car manufacturers, shipyards, car parts shops, paint shops, DIY shops, laquered finiture manufacturers, etc.
  • USE:
    Rubb with a cotton-wool, cotton or felt pad imbued with Techno Polish PTFE onto the surface to be polished using slight pressure. Rapid drying, can be immediately cleaned with a microfibre cloth. For machine application, use variable contact grey polishing pad.