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Techno Paste One Step

Product variant for

Techno Paste One Step is an abrasive gel for
definitive removal of defects such as P1500-2000
sanding marks, leaving a high final gloss in one
single step. It’s a product designed and developed
for a fast and clean use without addition of water. It allows you to see immediately the removal of the defect.
Reduced working time. The product doesn’t hide imperfections, scratches and holograms with cosmetic oils, but it removes them permanently.

  • Applicable for the treatment of painted surfaces and gelcoat which shown minimum and medium-sized defects ( P1500-2000).
  • Applicable by machine.
  • Excellent on both old and fresh paint.
  • Extraordinary for ceramic paints and Ultra High Solid Clear Coat (soft).
  • Use with Techno Pad Wool Super for the removal of sanding marks and finish with White/Black Foam Pad for a High glossy finish without haze, opacity and holograms.

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Composition: Emulsion containing inert inorganic abrasive
Appearance: Fluid gel
Colour: White.
Odour: Characteristic

Solubility: Miscible in water
Shelf Life: 18 months at ambient temperature in sealed container.

  • On all automotive paints, included: acrylics, water-based, high solid LOW VOC, two-component, single-component and OEM auto products. Suitable for ceramic anti-scratch paints and new waterbased clear coats.
    Do not use excessive compound.
    Do not add water while using
  • Use:
    Apply TECHNO PASTE ONE STEP in small quantity on the surface to be treated. Polish small areas at a time.
    Polish the surface applying medium pressure until the scratches and imperfections have been removed.
    Reduce pressure allow the polishing action to take place.
    After polishing remove any residue with our TECHNO TOWEL.
    If necessary finish polishing with TECHNO PASTE ONE STEP using a black foam pad.
    Use TECHNO PASTE ONE STEP with TECHNO PAD WOOL SUPER at medium speed 1200-1800 rpm approx.., for a better cut action.
    Use TECHNO PASTE ONE STEP with a variable contact foam pad at medium speed 1200-1800 rpm approx., for a high final gloss without holograms, swirls and hazes.