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Techno Paste

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TECHNO PASTE is an abrasive compound for removing painting defects, such as sanding marks, car wash scratches and paint oxidation, orange peel effect, etc. It restores shine to opaque and oxidised paint finishes simply. Specially designed and developed for quick and clean use without water. It allows you to see the removal flaw immediately. Reduced working time. Removes scratches permanently - does not hide imperfections with cosmetic oil. The product works without leaving greasy surface haze which doesn’t make you see the scratch has been removed.

  • Fast polishing
  • Low product consumption
  • No waste of time and material
  • Silicone & Silica free
  • Quickly removes orange peel effect

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Composition: Emulsion containing inert inorganic abrasive.
Appearance: Liquid compound
Colour: White
Odour: Cherry fragrance

Solubility: Miscible in water
Shelf Life: 18 months in ambient temperature in
tightly sealed co

  • Ideal to use:
    On all automotive paints including: acrylic, water-based, high solid, two-component, single-component and OEM auto products.
    Automotive, nautical and industrial.
  • Do not use excessive compound.
    On fresh, sensitive or paints not completely reticulated, the addition of water can reduce heat built-up from pad friction due to polishing. Avoid excessive quantities of water.
    Once a new pad is activated with water, no additional water is needed once the pad has been impregnated with product.
    1) Apply TECHNO PASTE in small quantities to paint surfaces. Only polish small areas little by little.
    2) Polish the surface applying medium pressure until the scratches and imperfections have been removed.
    3) Reduce pressure to allow the pad to polish.
    4) After polishing remove any residue and buff the surface with a microfibre cloth.
    5) If required finish polishing with TECHNO POLISH PTFE (hand/machine).
    Use TECHNO PASTE with an abrasive pad at low speed approx. 1200-1800 rpm, for best cutting action. Finish with TECHNO PASTE FINE or TECHNO POLISH HOLOGRAMM FREE to eliminate marks or polishing haze.