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Techno Finisher 2K UHS

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TECHNO FINISHER 2K UHS is a transparent ultra
high solid with high brilliance. Thanks to its
antistatic effect, it repels dust during painting
process, reducing painting defects. 
TECHNO FINISHER 2K UHS  is a new technology
that guarantees an easy application and a perfect
final result. It is an easy product that reduces polishing time; it contains a high solid contents; it is possible to obtain a perfect result, even with only one coat, so it reduces working time and painting costs. TECHNO FINISHER 2K UHS is compatible with water based and solvent based products.

  • 65% solid content.
  • Antistatic effect, reduces painting defects.
  • High brilliance.
  • Easy to polish.
  • It reduces painting costs.
  • It increases the productivity.
Article nrNameContent
T122003Techno Finisher 2K UHS5l
T122013Techno Finisher 2K UHS Hardener Medium2,5l
T122023Techno Finisher 2K UHS Hardener Slow2,5l
T122033Techno Finisher 2K UHS Hardener Fast2,5l

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Type: Hydroxylated acrylic resin.
Solid Content: 65%
Colour: transparent.
VOC: 2004/42/CE IIB:
(d-420 g/L max) cont. 418 g/L.
Specific weight: 1010 ± 20 g / l.
Mixing ratio: 2:1.
Pot-life (20°C): 5-6 h.
Spraying viscosity: 20±2" Coppa Ford Ø 4 a 20°C.

Gravity feed spray gun: Ø 1,2 - 1,4 mm.
Air pressure (Bar): 3-3,5 ATM.
Number of coats:  1 full coat or 1 light coat + 1 coat.
Dry film thickness: 60 microns.
Flash time: 8-10 min.
Dust free (20°C): 20-25 min.
Touch Dry (20°C): 6-7 h.
Drying time: 60°C 30 min.

  • TECHNO FINISHER 2K UHS guarantees a perfect coverage and a high glossy effect, even with only one coat.
  • TECHNO FINISHER 2K UHS has a high filling effect; it makes easy the application on vertical panels, avoiding drips.
  • TECHNO FINISHER 2K UHS product doesn’t chap, yellow or exfoliate. It resists to weather conditions and UV rays. 
  • Mixing ratio with hardener:   2:1.
  • Use Fast Hardener at temperature between +5°C and +15°C
  • Use Medium Hardener at temperature between +15°C and 25/30°C
  • Use Slow Hardener at temperatures higher than +25/30°C