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Techno Finisher 2K HS

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TECHNO FINISHER 2K HS is a new generation
2-component, anti-scratch transparent, perfect for
wide surfaces and for spot repairs. Usable on matt
bases, metallizes with water or solvent. It contains additives that make easy the spray application and improve the product détente; in this way, it reduces working time and costs. TECHNO FINISHER 2K HS guarantees high brilliance for long time.

  • High solid content (more than 50%).
  • Fast curing and perfect detente.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Perfect finishing: as original equipment.
  • Perfect on matt bases, metallized with water or solvent.
Article nrNameContent
T122004Techno Finisher 2K HS5l
T122014Techno Finisher 2K HS Hardener Medium2,5l
T122024Techno Finisher 2K HS Hardener Slow2,5l
T122034Techno Finisher 2K HS Hardener Fast2,5l

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Type: Hydroxylated acrylic resin.
Solid dontent: 53%
Colour: transparent.
VOC: 2004/42/CE IIB.
Ready to use: (c-840 g/L max) cont. 498 g/L.
Specific weight: 1010 ± 20 g / l.
Mixing ratio: 2:1.
Spraying viscosity: 15±5” Coppa Ford Ø 4 at 20°C
Pot-life (20°C): 5-6 h.
Gravity feed spray gun: Ø 1,3 - 1,4 mm.
Suction feed spray gun: Ø 1,5 - 1,6 mm.

Air pressure (Bar): 3 – 3,5 ATM
Number of coats:  ½+1 normal - wait time 6-8 min.
Dry film thickness: 45-50 microns.
Flash time: 6-8 min.
Dust free (20°C): 15 min.
Touch dry (20°C): 5-6 h.
Ready to be assembled: 12-16 h.
Drying time: 20°C  24 h, 60°C 30 min.

  • TECHNO FINISHER 2K HS is recommended for wide surfaces and spot repairs.
  • TECHNO FINISHER 2K HS contains special additives that make easy the spray application, reducing working time. 
  • TECHNO FINISHER 2K HS is recommended a first light application ( ½ coat), wait for 6-8 minutes, then apply another layer to complete the covering.
  • Mixing ratio with hardener: 2:1.
  • Use Fast Hardener at temperature between +5°C and +15°C
  • Use Medium Hardener at temperature between +15°C and 25/30°C
  • Use Slow Hardener at temperatures higher than +25/30°C