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Techno Bumper

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TECHNO BUMPER is a product based on acrylic
resins and special rheological additives. This
product can be used for touching up structured
plastic bumpers and parts.The original structure
can be imitated. TECHNO BUMPER is a fast-
drying paint with good adhesion to most automotive plastics. This product can be sprayed directly onto most plastic surfaces without using a primer.
For the correct color: TECHNO BUMPER can be over painted (sprayed) with the most common bumper paints.

  • Fast drying and good adhesion to plastics.
  • Easy application.
  • Structure can be varied by layer thickness, spraying distance or used actuator.

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Form: aerosol
Colour: satin black
Odour: characteristic
Initial boiling point: -24,9°C
Flash point: -42°C
Lower explosion limit: 0,7 Vol%
Upper explosion limit: 18,6 Vol%
Vapour pressure (at 20°C): 5200 hPa
Density (at 20°C): 0,84 g/cm³
Organic solvents: 73,8%
Solids content: 25,4%
Application temperature: 15-30°C

Drying times: Depends on layer thickness,
temperature and ventilation.
Indication: Dust dry ca. 30 min.
Sandable ca. 90 min.
Overpaintable (with same product) after ca.30 min.
Overpaintable (with other product) after ca. 2 hours.
Shelf life:  At least 1 year, for an unopened can,
stored in a cool and dry place between 10°C and 20°C.

  • Use:
    Make sure that the surface is dry, clean and free of oil, grease etc. Preferably the surface should be sanded lightly.
    Spray with a distance of about 15 cm, cross wise, until the structure is obtained.
    Let it dry.
    Sand the layer lightly for the best adhesion of the next layer.
  • Working conditions:
    Air temperature 15°C – 30°C
    Surface temperature 15°C – 30°C but above the condensation point
    Temperature of the can 18°C – 25°C
    Relative humidity: max 80%
  • Recommendations:
    When used in combination with different primers, the compatibility and adhesion should be tested first.
    For safety, health and to promote the drying, this product should only be used in well ventilated areas.