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Automatic heat generation to over 50° C accelerates the effectiveness, while the pellets can melt the snow or ice. Due to the unique shape of the pellets they remain lying also on inclined surfaces. TECH-NO-ICE works extremely fast at temperatures to –50° C. TECH-NO-ICE is hygroscopic, that means: when ice and snow are melted away, on the bottom remains a non-freezing thin layer which guarantees a much longer lasting effect compared  to salt. Rapid re-freezing is therefore prevented. Without renewed snowfall and at normal icing, the effect can last up to 3 days. TECH-NO-ICE can be used also for drying damp rooms, because it deprives the contained humidity in the air. Similarly, it can also be applied on floors e.g. in warehouses to reduce existing moisture.

  • 10 times better melting performance than salt
  • Works at temperatures to –50° C
  • Powerful warming capacity:  TECH-NO-ICE releases 90,000 calories/kg.
  • Easy to use: TECH-NO-ICE is applied by hand or with a shovel.
  • Economical: 1 kg of TECH-NO-ICE can melt 7 to 10 m² of ice, vs. 1 kg of salt can only melt 1 m².
  • Long-term effectiveness: the water formed by the melted snow and ice will not re-freeze for several days.
  • Non-harmful: unlike salt, TECH-NO-ICE is hardly corrosive; it is therefore harmless to animal paws, auto bodies, cement sidewalks, garden vegetation ...
  • Powerful anti-moisture capacity: TECH-NO-ICE absorbs up to 5 times its weight of water.
T110010Tech-No-Ice12,6 KG (14L)
T110036Spreader1 pc.

Color: creamy white       
Density:  about 900g per liter

Shelf life: 12 month

  • TECHN-NO-ICE is used in work places, pedestrian passageways, vehicle access ramps (roads, doorways, entrances to stores, factory warehouses, stairways, cold storage rooms . . .)
  • Remove the bulk of the snow or ice
  • Spread TECH-NO-ICE evenly at the rate of
  • 1 to 2 kg per 10 m²
  • Let absorb; TECH-NO-ICE works in and loosens snow and ice
  • After 15 min., it is possible to remove the ice or snow with a shovel
  • TECH-NO-ICE can also be used for drying: cellars, damp warehouses, secondary residences . . .
  • Place a mesh bag (or nylon stocking) filled with TECH-NO-ICE (1 to 2 kg) over a basin with a capacity 5 to 10 times the volume of TECH-NO-ICE
  • The best results are obtained with good ventilation and a mesh bag for 5 to 10 m³.
  • WARNING: store TECH-NO-ICE in a dry location.