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Slide Pro

SLIDE PRO is a sliding varnish based on poly- tetrafluor ethylene (PTFE) with thermoplastic properties. For the treatment of surfaces sub- jected to extreme frictions. SLIDE PRO is appli- cable under conditions where silicone products not acceptable and high temperature or pressure performance is required. It forms a thin trans- parent protective film on saw blades milling cutters, tools and machine parts. It prevents the sticking on of resin, wax, adhesives and coolant residues. SLIDE PRO is used as a release agent during deformation of plastics, elastomer processing, the coating of metals and plastics as well as a release agent in the die-casting.

  • Unique, dry lubricating qualities
  • Very quick drying time within 5 min.
  • Anti-adhesive and dirt-repellent
  • Scratchproof and impact resistance
  • Excellent separating and coating properties
  • Prevents wear under small gaps (fretting)
  • Flexible and temperature resistant
  • Avoids gumming of sealants and elastomeric
  • Adheres to wood, metal, glass, plastic, elastomer, polyolefin, rubber, paper, etc.
T160001Slide Pro400ml

Appearance: translucent varnish
Type of solid lubricant:PTFE
Type of binders: flexible thermoplastic resins
Flash point: flash point < 0 °C 
Temp. Resistance: -30°C to 230°C
Vapour pressure: 300kPa (3 bar)
Drying time: dust dry: 5 min /
fully dried: 30 to 120 min
Consumption: 125 ml / m²
Friction coefficient: 0.07
Shelf life: 12 month
Safety measures: Consult the Safety Data Sheet
(protect from heat influence over 50°C.

  • Application: Instead of oily or greasy lubricants in the plastics and wood industry, like excerpts drawers, doors, shutters, blinds, etc. For particularly incompatible friction materials, plastics/metal, aluminium/ stainless steel mixed frictions, plastic/plastic and rubber based applications.
  • Use: SLIDE PRO perfect adhesion is achieved only on very thoroughly cleaned and degreased surfaces. Ultrasonic degreasing is highly recommended for best results. Move the valve towards the surface and spray in a distance of 20 to 30cm. Spray very lightly, to avoid thick layers. The product is dust dry within 5 min. Wait 2hours minimum before use.