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Room Fresh

ROOM FRESH  is a further addition to our “green”
line of air freshener products. It outperforms gel,
wicks, and aerosol products.
ROOM FRESH reminds you when to change it – no
more guessing, just pull off the week and month
tabs to show when it needs to be replaced;
consistent odor control – by using the ROOM FRESH
date tabs, you’ll know when to replace it.                                  ROOM FRESH causes no “spraying fragance showers”. It can be used in any room that will have foot traffic. Such as: bathrooms, offices, hallways, locker rooms, foyers, classrooms, reception areas, and anywhere there may be a risk of skidding and falling on contaminated floor coverings by spraying systems.

  • Contains 50x more fragrance than standard refresher.
  • Easy and universally to use.
  • Simple assembling, long lasting effect.
  • No spraying showers, no contamination.
  • Continuous release of fragrance.
  • Available in different scents.
  • Guaranteed effective for more than 30 days.
  • Save and effective, it is 100% recyclable,
    VOC compliant - environmentally friendly.

Appearance: Thermoplastic oval inflused with oil
Fragrance: Citrus, Melon, Mango
Colour: Light transparent coloured
Solubility in Water:  Insoluble

Boiling point: Not applicable
Melting point:  60° C

  • Application: open plan offices, public toilets and washrooms, smoking areas, locker rooms, sport areas, reception areas, hospitals, cellar rooms, heating spaces, workplaces, waste water plants, storage areas, containers etc...
  • Use: Fits anywhere; with its new holder can be placed also hidden. The new holder stays in place with two side tape and the ROOM FRESH is replaced each month