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Putty HD

Product variant for

PUTTY HD is a versatile professional polyester
putty for filling and fine filling at the same time.
PUTTY HD is a 2-component putty and primer      based on polyester, half-flexible, high reactive, polyester resin with different mineral, non-polluting filler material (asbestos and silicone free).

  • Adheres on most surfaces, such as stainless steel, galvanized iron, metal, aluminium, galvanised plate, polyester, most synthetic materials, even on wood, stone, ...
  • Easy to use
  • Leaves large surfaces smooth and free of  pores
  • Easy to sand
  • Excellent sag resistance on vertical surfaces
  • Free of asbestos and silicone
Article nrNameContent
T124001Putty HD + Hardener1kg
T124002Putty HD + Hardener1,3kg
T124101Hardener for Putty25g

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Basic: Polyester resin with mineral filler
Colour: beige
Odour: charcteristic
Form: soft, thixotrop
Pot life at 20°C: approx. 4 – 5 minutes
Drying time (at 20°C, 50% relative air humidity):
Grindable after approx. 20 – 30 minutes
Boiling point: 145°C
Flash point: approx. 31°C (putty);
for hardener not applicable
Density at 20°C: 1,9 g/cm³

Concentration at 20°C: Putty material 1,8 kg/dm³,
Hardener 1,15 g/cm³
Hardener additon: 2 - 3 % (best mixture 2,5 %)
Temperature-resistant of the cured material:
to 160°C
Shelf life: 12 month if appropriate storage provided
(=10°-25°C, relative air humidity of max. 60%)
in unopened original bundle.
Protect from direct sunlight, frost and humidity
Safety measures: Consult the Safety Data Sheet

  • USE
    Rust should be removed from the surface and it should be clean, dry, free of grease and sanded
    Take the required amount of material from the pack and mix thoroughly with the appropriate hardener.
    Apply the mixture with the desired thickness.
    Clean equipment immediately after use, wash putty off with nitro thinner if necessary
    Do not return the mixture to the tin
  • The puttied surface can be drilled, sanded, sawed, filed and painted after 20 minutes
  • Suitable for filling pores and imperfections for bare metal, wood, concrete, old paintwork, GPR, etc.
    Suitable for pre-treated surfaces when repairing of body parts, metal surfaces, repair and restoration of wood or concrete surfaces