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PROFORMIC is a liquid plastic, which cures in seconds using a small power LED. In the area of repairs and maintenance PROFORMIC is an excellent filling and modeling plastic. Small mobile units make the system flexible, allowing it to be used anywhere. PROFORMIC is resistant against solvents, oil, gasoline as well as high and low temperatures.

  • 1-component professional system with freely selectable curing time
  • Hardens with UV LED within seconds
  • Temperature-resistant from -40 °C to +150 °C
  • Multi-layers can be applied, 3-D constructions possible
  • Superb filling, modeling and repair properties
  • Can be immediately milled, polished, painted, sanded and subjected to loads.
Article nrNameContent
T575001Proformic Pen Set1 pc.
T575002Proformic Refill1 pc.
T575003Proformic LED Pen1 pc.
T575004Proformic Booster 251 pc.
T575005Proformic Gun1 pc.
T575006Proformic Tip1 pc.
T575007Proformic Tip Fine1 pc.
T575008Proformic LED Supernova1 pc.
T575009Proformic Etcher1 pc.
T575010Proformic Case1 pc.
T575011Proformic LED Gamma Ray Kit1 pc.
T575012Proformic LED Rocket1 pc.
T575013Proformic Box booster Set1 pc.

Color: Transparent/ slightly yellowish
Density: 1,05 g/cm³
Temperature-resistant: - 40 °C to +150 °C
Flash point:  > 100 °C
Dynamic viscosity (at 23°C): ca. 2000 - 4000 mPas
Hardness [Shore D]: 80
Gap filling capacity: 3 mm / layer
Water absorption: < 5,8 % (25°C, 24h)
Shrinkage rate: 0,4 % (linear)
Dielectric constant: 4.2 [10 kHz]
Shelf life: 12 months
Safety measures: Consult the Safety Data Sheet

  • Applications:
  • PROFORMIC can be used as a replacement for lost or destroyed substances and materials. Ideal for embedding, casting, melting, sealing, repairing of scratches and damages, insulation as well as moisture and corrosion protection. By creating contact surfaces through sanding, cutting, assembly claws or anchor bores (root creation), a very good adhesive bond can be created. PROFORMIC also exhibits its special qualities in the area of modeling, mold and pattern construction as well as decoration, design and creative technology. It can be used on metals, wood, plastic, stone, glass, ceramics, textile, etc. PROFORMIC does not pose a health risk.
  • Use: 
  • Clean and degrease surfaces rendering them dust-free.
  • Pre-sand or roughen the surfaces for improved bonding. 
  • Apply the desired amount of PROFORMIC using the Proformic PEN. 
  • Shine the LED light on the repair spot for about 4-8 seconds until completely cured. 
  • For additional layers, repeat steps 3) and 4) until the desired result has been obtained. 
  • Drill, mill, grind, paint or polish as needed.