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Nano Tech A

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Nano Tech A is a temporary, alcohol-based coating material on the basis of chemical nano-technology, which produces an easy2clean effect on car windscreens. The applied material produces a thin film on the surfaces, which reduces the adhesion of dirt and foreign matters, and facilitates the dripping off of water. Coated surfaces are particularly easy2clean.

  • Provides protection against dirt
  • Makes the cleaning of the glass easier
  • Increasing of the lifespan
  • Ideal for CAR GLASSES
  • Lotus effect

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Dilution: none
Amount applied: approximately 10-25 ml per M²
Secondary hardening / drying: at least 1 hour, thereafter approximately 24 hours to cure

Processing temperature: +5°C to +25°C - protect against direct sunlight
Handling: see safety data sheet

  • Use: The wearing of gloves is recommended.  Nano Tech A deprives the skin of moisture. The application should be tested at an unobtrusive place or on a sample surface. Do not apply at temperatures below +5°C.Thoroughly clean the surface from dirt, oil and grease impurities. We recommend Techno Cleaner Abrasivo. Thereafter rinse with plenty of clear water to remove tenside residues. The surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease prior to coating. The surface coating takes place by means of rubbing on or polishing with a cotton cloth dampened with Nano Tech A. The material is to be applied to the clean car windscreen frugally, with circling motions (You willrequire approx. 5-15 ml per m²). After application, the treated surface is to be polished up.
  • Proof of Effectiveness by Drop Test:
    Water must form drops on the entire surface, rather than a consistent film.
  • Drying: The “easy2clean” effect comes into effect approx. 30 minutes after polishing. Should the temporary easy-to clean effect diminish, the effect may be refreshed by following the same primary procedure. ATTENTION: At temperatures in excess of +25 °C, coat small surface sections only. Do not use below +5 °C.As dirt, bacteria and lime do not adhere to the coating, no aggressive cleaners (extremely acidic, extremely alkaline, scrubbing milk) are required. Upon diminishing drip-off effect, clean with a sponge and a mile cleaning agent (Techno Cleaner All). The coating still requires regular cleaning of the surface