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Moly Dry

MOLY DRY is a molybdenum disulfide- based sliding
varnish with high mechanical strength. Its specific
formulation permits continuous outstanding results
in high operating temperature range (up to 450°C).
MOLY DRY is a dry film lubricant designed to improve the lifetime of machinery parts. MOLY DRY forms a bonded film with the characteristics of MoS2 which reduces friction and wear and avoids seizure, abrasion and galling.

  • Rapidly drying surface protection
  • Based on the friction properties MoS2
  • It cures completely, no discoloration
  • Very high load capacity
  • Reduces tightening torques and operating noises
  • Protects against friction and galling
  • Renews and separates damaged surfaces
  • Basis for other sequential process
Article nrNameContent
T270001MOLY DRY400ml

Appearance: bluish grey
Type of solid lubricant: micronized pure molybdenum disulfide
Type of binders: thermoplastic and inorganic resins
Flash point:  < 0°C and distillation temp. < = 35°C
Temp. Resistance: -180°C to 450°C
Drying time: dust dry: 5 min/ fully dried: 6-12 hours

Consumption: 125 ml / m²
Shelf life: 24 month
Safety measures: Consult the Safety Data Sheet
(protect from heat influence over 50°C).

  • Application: Surface treatment to get extremepressure properties, assembling, protection of assemblies against fretting, parts fitting, Lubrication under vacuum, ideal for  cash point and cash register systems, the robotic and automation technology,  cold metallic forming (ironworks), cold drawing, wiredrawing, slides and various sliding mechanisms, plain bearings, gears, spindles, cogwheels, valves operating up to 450°C, ejectors, stamps and stamping tools, pivots, cams shafts, joints, etc.
  • Use: Apply on the surface evenly from a distance of 20-30 cm. Make two applications after an interval of 3 hours in order to get a thicker layer. Let it fully dry before use (6-12 hours)