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Magic Care

MAGIC CARE is a silicon free skin protection and
regenaertion cream used during and especially
after work. MAGIC CARE supports the recovery
of the natural lipid barrier of the skin. It is an
excellent  moisturizer and protects the skin
from drying and roughness.                                   MAGIC CARE passed a human patch test with the rating “very good“. The product did not lead to allergic or toxicirritative intolerance reaction in epicutaneous testing in accordance with international guidelines.

  • Silicone-free
  • Supports recovery of natural lipid barrier
  • Protects skin from drying and roughness
Article nrNameContent
T401030Magic Care350ml
T401031Magic Care1 l
Y401101Dispenser Premium 1l1 pc.
Y401131Wall Holder 1-3-1l1 pc.
Y401201Dispenser 1l1 pc.
Y401301Wall Holder 1l1 pc.

Form: Pasty
Colour: White
Odour: Characteristic
pH-Value at 20°C: ~ 6
Boiling point and boiling range: 100°C
Flash point: 160°C

Ignition temperature: 400°C
Vapour pressure at 20°C: 23 hPa
Density at 20°C: 0,98 g/cm³

  • MAGIC CARE is designed to protect and recover the skin. MAGIC CARE  can be used on all skin patches as hands, face, arms and legs as well. 
  • Take the recommended (small) amount of MAGIC CARE and spread it on the skin parts to be treated.