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Lotpistole Turbo

For all kinds of brazing, soft soldering and heating applications. Available with piezo ignition.

  • Automatic ignition - guaranteed for 30 000 ignitions
  • Strong metal piezo cover for long lasting durability
  • 360° swivel burner for hard to reach places
  • Compact and stable cyclone flame
  • Burner i high quality stainless steel
  • Changeable and optional burners
  • Valve body in brass with a protective nickel plating
  • Built in regulator 0-3,5 bar
  • Provides a temperature of 1925°C - 2400°C
Article nrNameContent
Y902203Powergas 1925°C300ml
Y902204Powergas 1925°C600ml
Y902205Ultra Gas 2100°C380ml
Y902206Ultramapp 2200°C750 ml
Y902207Gas Ultra 2100° C400 ml
Y902208Propanegas 1925°C750ml
Y902630Cyclon Burner Turbojet1 pc.
Y902632Turbo Hot Air Burner1 pc.
Y902633Turbojet Cyclon Burner Double1 pc.

Working pressure:  0-3,5 bar
Burnerdiameter: 14
Gas consumption at 2 bar: 295
Effect: 3,8 kw

Soft soldering: 40 mm
Brazing max. 14 mm

  • Powergas 2203, 2204: Disposable cartridges 2203 and 2204 with self closing valve. Contains a gas mixture of 35% propane and 65% butane.
  • Ultragas 2205: High efficient gas with built-in anti flare function . Disposable cartridges with self closing valve.  Contains a gas mixture of propane, butane, propene and acetone. Weight: 450 g, Content: 336g / 600 ml.
  • Ultramapp 2206: New unique gas mixture with increased flame temperature 2400°C.  Disposable light weight aluminium cartridge with self closing valve. Environmental friendly, non-toxic gas mixture. Weight: 640 g, Content: 393 g/750 ml.
  • Premium Quality propane 2208: Disposable light weight aluminium cartridge with self closing valve. Weight: 640 g, Content: 380 g/750 ml.
  • Cyclon burner 2630: For all kinds of brazing, soft soldering and heating applications • Available with and without piezo ignition.
    Burner diameter:  14mm
    Gas consumption:  295g/h
    Effect: 3,8kW
    Soft soldering max diameter:  40mm
    Brazing max diameter:  18mm.
  • Turbo burner hot air  2632: For shrinking and paint stripping
    Burner diameter:  38 mm
    Gas consumption:  180g/h
    Effect: 2,3 kW 
  • Twin cyclon burner 2633:  For all kinds of brazing, soft soldering and heating applications. Twin construction for double speed.
     Burner diameter Ø, mm 2x14
    Gas consumption, g/h 590
    Effect, kW 7,6
    Soft soldering max Ø, mm 60
    Brazing max Ø, mm 25