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Lotpistole Set

For applications such as automotive and truck
repairs, TV- and radio repairs, jewelry repairs,
electronics, air condition, shrinking and other
heating jobs . Automatic piezo ignition. Portable multi function heat tool. Visible fuel level. Power range 30-125 Watt. Flame temperature 1300°C. Burning time per fill 210 min.

  • Handy 5 in 1 tool : cut and melt, solder, connect and heat, with or without a flame.
  • Wireless, so autonomous.
  • With a thermal regulation.
  • Automatic feed shut-off when using the cap.
  • Ideal for repairing printed circuit-boards, cable bundles, and also to facilitate the cutting and repair of PS, PP, PE, PTFE,...
Article nrNameContent
Y902201Butangas 1925°350ml
Y904120Lotpistole Set1 pc.

#-#-#Disposable cartridge 2201 with self closing valve. Contains 100% butane.
Weight: 256 g. Content: 168 g / 330 ml.

  • Hot air blower: by using the replaceable hot air head, you can heat and fold plastics without damaging them.
  • The hot air head is also a very practical instrument when soldering the Duoflux and Topflux connectors without any connection damage to the surrounding cables.
  • Also shrink-sleeves like Thermoflux shrink easily with this hot air current.
  • Deflector: for very temperature-sensitive backgrounds, you can use the deflector to reflect the hot air, like e.g. with calbe bundles.
  • Soldering bolt: in the set you will find 2 replaceable soldering bits of different dimensions, depending on the size or access.
  • Torc: with the torch shape NOVAFLAME MULTI TORCH can be used to loosen small fixed bolts and nuts by heating them.
  • Hot knife: the hot cutting knife can be used to cut polystyrene plates, nylon nets, canvas,... in the most difficult shapes.