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Gloves Latex

Latex gloves provide an exceptional balance of performance, comfort and durability for any working environment. These disposable latex gloves are industrial grade, 100% natural latex material, and offer flexibility, sensitivity and strength. They are available as lightly powered for an easy on/off or non-powdered.    The gloves are ambidextrous and show fair chemical resistance. Latex gloves come in a variety of sizes to fit most hands.

  • Fingertip textured for enhanced wet and dry gripping
  • Available in powder-free or powdered
  • Thicker than typical latex gloves for added protection
  • Premium, low-modulus natural rubber latex for a true fit and reduced hand fatigue
  • Excellent comfort and snug fit
  • These gloves provide fair abrasion resistance
  • Both hands fit
Article nrNameContent
Y390006Glove LA / XL1 pack / 100 pcs.
Y390007Glove LA Powder XL1 pack / 100 pcs.
Y390106Glove LA L1 pack / 100 pcs.
Y390107Glove LA Powder / L1 pack / 100 pcs.

Material: 100% natural latex
Powder: modified corn starch according to USP
Surface: roughed
Fit: both hands
Color powdered: white-beige
Color powder-free: beige
Production accelerators: Benzothiazole and Dithiocarbamate, free of Thiuramen
Tear resistance: 3,6 N
Thickness: backing approx. 0,08 mm
Hand surface: approx. 0,10 mm
Finger tips: approx. 0,13 mm
Quality approval standards: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, AQL 1.5, EN 420, EN 455, CE
Packaging: 100 pcs. per dispenser box

  • These gloves are popular for their high degree of flexibility, sensitivity and strength as well as their chemical resistance.
  • These types of gloves find applications in areas of health care, pharmaceutical, product inspections, laboratories, food handling and processing. as well as general industry and maintenance etc.