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Gloves GLC

Heavy duty working gloves stand up to heavy duty and rugged wear. Good protection from cuts, scrapes and abrasions. They also feature reinforced leather finger tips and knuckle straps for extra protection. Additionally they show cotton lined palms for comfort and sweat absorption.

  • Heavy duty working gloves made of cow hide
  • Point and small finger have extra layer of hide and cotton lined palms
  • Very soft leather for best comfort and flexibility
  • Back of glove and turn-up made of heavy woven cotton
  • Elastic band on back of glove for enhanced safety against slippage
  • Knuckle-area and finger tips with round coverage of hide
  • All stiches are double featured for enhanced durability
  • EN-Norm 388/CE CAT II certified
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Y390001Glove GLC12 pcs.

Basic Material: Heavy duty and softly tanned cow hide
Specification: EN-Norm 388/CE CAT II certified

  • Ideal use for construction work, rough assembly and manufacturing as well as general purpose applications in all crafts and industrial environments.