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Fill Tech HD 2K

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Fill tech HD 2K is a new generation primer that
makes the sanding easy; it is recommended for
wide surfaces and spot repairs. Usable directly on
metal (ferrous or not), sanded and degreased. It can be over-painted with the most of water based or solvent based paints.
Fill Tech HD 2K is perfect on metal, aluminium, plastic, fiberglass and wood panels, without adding any flexible additive  or specific primer. Thanks to its 100 microns (80-120), it fills defects on every support.

  • High filling power.
  • More than 75% of solid content.
  • Perfect adhesion.
  • One primer for metals, plastics and aluminium.
  • Fast drying.
  • Easy to sand, it reduces the abrasives clogging.
  • High yield, dilutable to 10-25%.
  • Zero rimarcatura.
  • It can be mixed up to 10% with the base color, in order to improve the coverage.
  • Good guide effect for sanding.
Article nrNameContent
T125003Fill Tech HD 2K Catalyst1l
T125004Fill Tech HD 2K Acrylic Thinner Medium5L
T125102Fill Tech HD 2K black3,75l
T125202Fill Tech HD 2K white3,75l
T125302Fill Tech HD 2K grey3,75l

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Type: Acrylic resin.
Colour: grey, black, white.
Solid content: 76%.
Specific Gravity: 1600 ± 20 g / l.
Mixing ratio: 4:1.
Product: Volume: 100 (Weight: 100g).
Hardener: Volume: 25 (Weight: 17g).
Thinner: Acrylic10-25% (13,5-22,5g).
Pot-life (20°C): 2-3 h.
Spraying viscosity: 20±5 Coppa Ford Ø 4 a 20°C (20% diluente).
Gravity/Suction feed spray gun: Ø 1,7-2,0 mm.
Air pressure (Bar): 3-4 ATM.
Number of coats:  2-3 crossing coat, wait time 6-8 min.

Dry film thickness: 80-120 microns.
Flash time evaporation: 10 -15 min.
Dustfree (20°C): 15-20 min.
Touch Dry (20°C): 60-90 min.
Dry to sand: 20°C  4-5 h, 60°C 30 min.
Drying time: 20°C  4-5 h, 60°C 30 min.
Storage: 1 year in a cool and dry place.
Flat bed sander dry: P320-P400.
Sanding by hand dry: P220-P320.


  • Respect the recommended diluition ratio.
  • Not exceed the 25% of diluition because it can cause matt effect and bad covering.
  • Respect the recommended break between the coats.