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Fill Tech HD

Product variant for

FILL TECH HD is a sprayable Filler and Primer
based on the lastest technology.
FILL TECH HD is ideal to correct damaged
surfaces such as sanding grooves and small stone-chip damages.               FILL TECH HD can also be used to build up film thickness for extreme corrosion resistance.

  • very fast drying
  • very fast solvent resist
    (aliphatic / aromatics / alcohols)
  • excellent adhesion
  • easy sandebility
  • anti corrosion
  • good flexibility
  • can be over painted
  • good hardness
  • can be used direct to metal

Article nrNameContent
T125101FILL TECH HD black500ml
T125201FILL TECH HD white500ml
T125301FILL TECH HD grey500ml

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Type: Aerosol
Colour: grey (light/dark), black, white
Odour: characteristic
Boiling point/boiling range: -24°C
Flash point:  -42°C
Ignition temperature:  235°C
Danger of explosiom:  Product is not explosive. However, formation of explosive air/vapour mixtures are possible.
Explosion limits:
Lower:  1.1 Vol %
Upper: 20.0 Vol%
Vapour pressure at 20°C: 5200hPa
Density (at 20 °C): 0.93 g/cm³
Drying times: Depends on layer thickness, temperature and ventilation
Indication: Dust dry ca. 10 min.

Overpaintable after ca. 2 hours
Sandable ca 15 min.
Working conditions:
Air temperature 15°C – 30°C
Surface temperature 15°C – 30°C but above the
condensation point  
Temperature of the can 18°C – 25°C
Relative humidity: max 80%
Shelf life: 
1 year for an unopened can, stored in
a dry place between 10°C and 25°C.

  • USE
    Make sure that the surface is dry, clean and free of oil, grease etc. The surface should be sanded. Spray with a distance of about 15 cm, cross wise, several layers until the defect are filled and a smooth surface is formed. Let it dry. Sand the layer lightly for the best adhesion of the next layer. For deeper defects the treatment can be repeated.
  • Recommendations
    When used in combination with (unknown) primers, the compability and adhesion should be tested first.
    For safety, health and to promote the drying, this product should only be used in well ventilated areas.