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Ear Protect Bow

Ear Protect Bow and Ear Protect Head Set are
ideal partners for use in moderate to high noise
environments. The Ear Protect Bow model allows
for comfortable and quick safety noise protection
in lite to moderate noise environments.
Where the Ear Protect Head Set will keep you protected and safe in all high noise environments featuring safety molded cup earmuffs with foam‑filled cushions for a better seal, lower pressure, height adjustments and wide ear cushions for extra comfort.

  • Lightweight banded earplugs
  • Washable pods made of soft  thermoplastic
Article nrNameContent
Y392004Ear Protect Bow10pcs
Y392005Ear Protect Headset1 pc.

Banded ear plugs PURA-BAND:
Specification: Tested and certified to
EN 352-2:1993

Hearing protection headset MoldexSpecification:
Tested and certified to EN 352-1:2002

  • Ear Protect Bow and Ear Protect Head Set are ideally used in environments in moderate to high noise environments and workplaces. Suitable for milling and drilling work, stamping and press forming, welding & clean‑up, grinding & sanding and use at construction-sites. Ideally recommended for workers law requirements for moderate to high noise protection.