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Ear Protect Adapt

Ear protect adapt contours ear plugs come in regular and small size to fit smaller ear canals for enhanced noise protection features. The same exceptional comfort that comes from the unique curved design of contours is now available for women and other workers with smaller ear canals. The contours follow the shape of the ear canal which means less pressure at the smallest diameter of the earplug. Contours innovative undercut design affords a secure fit all day long and is PVC-Free. The large base helps provide proper insertion, fit and removal.

  • Protection against noise
  • Extremely comfortable earplugs
  • Anatomical shape that adapts to the ear canal
  • Available in two sizes, regular and small
  • Made of soft PU-foam
  • 100% PVC-Free
  • Comes in practical dispenser 1,000 piece (500 pairs) containers
  • Wall mounting kit required as additional item
Article nrNameContent
T392001Ear Protect Adapt normal500pcs
T392002Ear Protect Adapt small500pcs
T392003Ear Protect Station1 pc.

Basic Material: Soft polyurethane foam
Specification: Tested and certified to

EN 352-2:2002

  • Ear protect adapt contours ear plugs are ideally used in environments in low to moderate noise environments and workplaces. Suitable for milling and drilling work, stamping and press forming, welding & clean‑up, grinding & sanding and use at construction-sites. Ideally recommended for workers law requirements for low to moderate noise protection.