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Double Fix HT

DOUBLE FIX HT is a polyester carrier based tape
with an aggressive acrylic adhesive used for
mounting of different types of plastics.
The product is also available with a second
transparent polyester liner.
 - Modified acrylic adhesive
 - Carrier: White polyester
 - Modified acrylic adhesive
 - Release liner: PE‐laminated paper, red.                                 DOUBLE FIX HT is a DC /T with a high adhesion level on differen substrates such as plastics, even low surface energy materials, foams and metals. Rough surfaces will not cause any problems to be bonded due to the selected acrylic adhesive. The PET carrier provides a more stable, more rigid tape resulting in reduced elongation and shrinkage.

  • high adhesion on different plastics
  • high adhesion on rough surfaces
  • high temperature resistance
  • UV resistant
  • extreme high holding power
  • easy workability and processing
Article nrNameContent
T911106Double Fix HT 61 pc.
T911115Double Fix HT 151 pc.
T911125Double Fix HT 2525mm x 50m

General physical properties:
Adhesive type: modified acrilic
Temperature resistance: >175°C
Tape thickness*: 0.180 mm (NITTO 01B)
Release liner type / colour: red polyprpylene
Release liner thickness / weight:
0.07 mm - 65 g/m2  (NITTO O1G-05B)
Carrier type: Transparent polyester, 0.012 mm
Unwind force: 15 cN / 50 mm (NITTO 35A)
Release value: 40 cN / 50 mm (NITTO 36A)
Adhesion to stainless steel: 1415 cN / 20 mm
Creep on BA-steel: 1 mm ( NITTO 62A
(20x20, 1KG))
Shear: 515 N/ 4cm2 (NITTO 73A (BA steel))
Shelf life: 12 months

Test method Results:
The properties of these products are deter‐mined
in accordance with NITTO test methods. Detailed
description of these methods are available on
request. The above figures are average values,
established to our best knowledge, but not to be
used for specification purpose.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

The product should be protected against direct
sunlight and extremes in temperature and humidity
and sotred upright in its original packaging. Once
removed from its packaging, it should be protected
agains dust and other impurities. 

  • Application guidelines
    The surface to be bonded must be clean i.e. free of dust, release agents, processing oils and grease.
    The temperature of the application should not be below the dew point of the surrounding air. The warmer the tape the better the adhesive will wet out and consequently the higher the immediate adhesion will be.
    To ensure optimal anchorage of the tape to the foam attention should be paid to the lamination pressure, temperature and time.
  • DOUBLE FIX HT is ideal for usage for continuous long‐run mounting application of a variety of decorative strips is furniture industry (trim mounting). It is usable for mounting applications in sign and nameplate markets for marketing devices (P.O.S.) or for mounting holders for price and identification labels on shelves.