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Care & Protect

Product variant for

Care & Protect with orange cleans, polishes and
preserves dashboards, rubber, plastic, wood,
leather and synthetic parts in the interior of cars (e.g. cockpits, rubber mats and vinyl roofs).

  • special active substances make the synthetic material last longer
  • protects from dirt, frictional electricity and moisture
  • makes parts that have been treated appear as new and gives protection from ultraviolet radiation
  • spreads a pleasant smell in the car
  • dust-repellent
Article nrNameContent
T162001Care & Protect500ml

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Form: Aerosol
Colour: Clear
Odour: Characteristic
Change in condition
Melting point: Undetermined.
Boiling point: < 0°C
Flash point: Not applicable, as aerosol.

Ignition temperature: >200°C
Density at 20°C: 0.65068 g/cm³
Solubility in / Miscibility with water:
Not miscible or difficult to mix.
Organic solvents: 69.8 %
Other information: consult the MSDS.

  • Shake the aerosol vigorously before use.
  • Spray on the area to be treated and rub with the help of a soft cloth applying no pressure at all. This makes the area dust-repellent, easy to clean and it gives a mat finish.
  • Do not spray the steering wheel, pedals, seats and backs!