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CAFFECALC is a balanced combination of phos-
phoric and citric acid which can easily remove
any contamination of limestone; it does not contain
hazardous volatile acids such as hydrochloric acid
and therefore has limited emission of fumes. It is a safe product that does not attack steel, copper, iron, bronze (it cannot be used on galvanized surfaces). On aluminum (and alloys) and zinc alloy surface blackening may occur.

  • Remove any contamination of limestone
  • Hydrochloric acid-free
  • Limited emission of fumes
  • Not attack steel, copper, iron, bronze

Appearance: liquid
Colour:light yellow
PH: < 1
Density at 20°C: about 1,20-1,25 gr/l

It contains: inhibited phosphoric acid
Thermostability: from -30°C to +100°C
Packaging: tan of 30 kg
Shelf life: in cool and dry place , for 12 month

  • Application:
    it is ideal for boilers, heat exchange circuits, water heaters and small boilers, specifically those of the coffee vending machines;  coils, heaters, washing machines, valves;  users typically are: industry, food industry, power plants, hospitals, hotels, community ; maintenance of vending machines, electrical companies, refrigeration, mining and drilling, pipelines, etc. ...
  • Use:
    The surface must be free of oily or greasy contamination
    Add to CAFFECALC water and not vice vers (exothermic reaction with the possibility of splashing).
    The temperature accelerates the process.
    When used in ultrasonic, the processing time exponentially decreases
    Material able to contain it : 316 and AISI 316Ti.
    At the end of the treatment, rinse with water.
    The advisable concentration depends on the amount of contaminant to be removed (8-10% in the ultrasonic cleaning).