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BIOTEX is a special formulation of biodegradable
detergents and penetrants designed to remove 
food fats and grease deposits from ovens, ranges, deep fat fryers, filter hoods, and all other kitchen and food processing working areas

  • Powerful blend of penetrants quickly cuts throug h the heaviest grease build ups.
  • When used a regular on a regular basis to renovate kitchen surfaces, it greatlx reduces the risk of kitchen fires.
  • Does not require the cooling down of ovens or ranges before cleaning. It´s action is enhanced by heat up to 95° Celsius.
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors that reduce the risk of corrosion in areas where water is used on unpainted metals.
  • Non-flammable and does not support combustion.
  • Non-tocix and safe to be used in kitchen and food processing zones. Care should be taken to avoid spilling it directlx over food; however, it is not necessary to cover or remove food not under direct contact.
  • Does not contain any caustic compounds.

Composition:  Biodegradable penetrants and emulsifiers, organic solvents, modified alkalis
Type: Alkaline aqueous grease solvent.
Appearance:  liquid.
Odour:  perfume
pH value:  ca. 13,5
Melting point/range: ca. 0° C
Boiling point/range: ca. 100° C
Flash point: > 60° C
Densitiy (25° C): 1,02

Viscosity (25° C): < 10 mPas
Solubility in / miscibility with water: completely
Shelf life: 12 month, always keep the lid closed,
store in a cool, dry place,
protect from sunlight
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • Use dilution chart for problems prevalent in food handling areas. Spray on, allow five to ten minutes for penetration, and rinse off. For oven cleaning, apply on warm, never hot, ovens.
  • Dilution
  • Deep fat fryers, grills and ovens          F
  • Serving counters, table tops                A
  • Meat hooks, machines and tools         C
  • Coolers, display cases, food
    carts and refrigerators                         B
  • Baking pans and tins                            E
  • Aluminum, chrome, stainless
    steel splash boards                              B
  • Conveyors, meat blocks                      E
  • Flues, hoods, canopies and vents       F
  • Exhaust ducts, fans and filters           D
  • Baseboards and floors                        B
  • Walls                                                   A
  • Dilution Char:    A    B   C   D   E   F
  • Parts Water       12   8    5   4   2   1
  • Parts Biotex        1   1   1   1    1   1